Friday 28 November 2014

November 27th

Well, it was a much quieter group this week. Fewer girls, and plenty of room to move around!

Everyone was working quietly away on this and that. The year is clearly slowing down. Only two more weeks till our final meeting for the year, and our Christmas Party. Hope everyone can make it. Don't forget to bring along your finished aprons for a smallish fashion parade! I have quite a few here with me, but there are still a few outstanding (mine included!)
Also don't forget to bring a plate of something scrumptious to share from the table. A glass will be handy for having a Chrissy drink or two as well. A few of us have been nutting out some fun activities to break up the eating and drinking a bit. Let me know if you have a favourite that you'd like to share and we'll try and include that. It should be fun! Items for the Stepping Stones House Hamper can still be brought next Thursday before it's all wrapped up. 

This week marked the 10th anniversary at Hunters Hill Quilters for a group of five who started together on the same day. They are Suzie, Audrey, Felicity, Judy S and Deb L. Congratulations ladies! That must have been an interesting entry on November 25th ten years ago!

Joy was telling us about how she has a map of where to go for good quilting fabric if you find yourself in Tokyo! She's a mine of information that lady!

We think we've found someone to fill Audrey's shoes as treasurer next year, thanks to Audrey's husband's great suggestion of how to make the job more manageable. TBA........

Kathy D told us some great tales of her travels and of a remarkable quilt group she visited. Some interesting suggestions for activities were passed on. Kathy would also like everyone to know that on Saturday December 6th, there will be a sale at the shop and a Swap Bucket. In addition she mentioned the many new and interesting courses and workshops for next year. See the website and/or blog for details, or ask Kathy when you see her.

Just a few Show and Tell items this week. Things are slowing down.

Janet and Beryl B made these two baby quilts for the Grace Centre. Lovely

Robyn J made this interesting and attractive quilt from her recent Canadian adventure. A striking effort!
What a souvenir of the trip!

Well, there you have it. Thanks to all those who have already responded to my email regarding the request for a visit next February. So far it seems that my hunch was correct, and people have the same hesitation about it as I do. We can talk more at group on Thursday.
See you all then. Enjoy the weekend.
Cheers, Elva

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