Friday 24 October 2014

Lovely warm day at last!

Yes, why are we all indoors quilting one may ask?
Well it's because we're a little bit addicted. Can't even be enticed outside in lovely weather!

Lindy welcomed us again with fabulous produce from her crops. We're thinking it would be simpler if she just opened a green grocery, preferably in Hunters Hill please Lindy. Thanks for all the goods.

A reminder to 'bring your money with you' next week when Carolyn and friend will set up a little stall of fabric from the shop. Can't wait!

Best wishes to Cheryl from everyone during your recovery. I'll let all know when visiting is allowed.

Just an early notice that Thursday 11th December will be our Christmas Party day, and last gathering till next year. 

Anyone who doesn't have a HH badge or has lost theirs, please let Kerry know so she can put in a batch order.

Congratulations to our Jess who has an extensive profile article in the current edition of Quilters Companion. It's a good read and an excellent edition of the magazine into the bargain.
You'd be forgiven for finding a startling resemblance between Jess's flag quilt shown in the article and the one on the cover. I thought they'd used hers for the cover. Very excited! But no. Very strange indeed.?!#*?!
Even bigger congrats to Jess for having her Show quilt 'Errant Geese' chosen by the NSW Guild as one of the five 'Best of the Best' quilts to be sent to the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, Royal Exhibition Building, April 16 and19th. Wow Jess!

And now for some Show and Tell!

First a beautiful Drunkards Path creation which Lindy described as very difficult to put together! She actually used different words (unprintable)........ But it's gorgeous!

Next, Jess made the first out of left over dress bits and pieces I believe
And the second is very striking!

Ellen is working on this fabulous quilt for a grandson I think. It's double sided, and she's going to quilt it according to the swirling road patterns on that side. Great idea. Lovely quilt. Very usable

Iris finished one of her UFO's, and isn't it beautiful? You can't see the tiny embroidered bits, but they're gorgeous! The shots show front and back. Both equally beautiful.

Finally here is Jess's take on the apron design challenge. Called 'Busy Bees' for obvious reasons. And we will be busy bees while wearing these garments!

So there you have it. Another productive , friendly and pleasant day together. Farewell Akiko. Have a great time in Hawaii!
Cheers everyone till next week.

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