Monday 6 October 2014


Nice weather at last, and spirits were high at HHQ.
I must apologise for the lateness of this blog. My only excuse is that I've been enjoying the long weekend so much! Sorry!

We wished happy birthday to all the October ladies, and included The Gladesville Bridge, which turned 50 on the day. 

A lovely card was circulated to wish Cheryl a speedy recovery. I gave it to her yesterday at the hospital, and she was delighted. She can't wait to be back with us.

Susan SJ will be back by the end of October, and it seems such a long time since we've seen her. 

Audrey is away and so any money matters needing to be handled, just see me.

Blocks for the Lord Mayor's Quilt are due back this week. They are looking very intriguing.

We're all looking forward to seeing the book of the show, which should be available for viewing in a week or two. Some people have already put their orders in, and if you would like to do so just let Iris know. 

Deb told us about a challenge being done (I think it was through the Guild) which is asking for an A4 size quilt on the theme of Cylone Tracey. It's 40 years since that disaster. Sounds like an amazing challenge. Find out more this week if you're interested.

Now for some show and tell.

The first is a very cute quilt for community done by by Susan and Suzie. It's called "Beach Huts"

The next is a gorgeous quilt done by Betty for her daughter. Betty was very grateful for help from the girls in getting this finished in time for her daughter's visit. The quilting was done by Grace and is lovely.

Suzie made this next one for her aunt. It's very serene and lovely.

Grace made this next one for Macquarie Hospital. I'm sure it will be gratefully received

And finally the 'Pink Group' have made this fascinating quilt for community. Lovely girls!

So there you have it. Another productive and enjoyable day. Looking forward to this Thursday. See you all there. Cheers, Elva

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