Saturday 11 October 2014

The secret's out at last!

Yes, finally we were able to reveal our secret quilting business! Thanks to everyone for keeping it so quiet. It made for a wonderful surprise as we presented Akiko with her wedding quilt. And thank you ladies for all the work in making the blocks. They came together so beautifully as you will see below. Beautiful bag Iris. Thank you. You can also see Akiko's reaction!

Many thanks to Grace for 'hosting' the secret construction process at her house. It made the job so much easier. Also to Grace for the lovely final quilting. Needless to say, Akiko was overcome by the gift.
We all wish you a wonderful wedding and a long and happy marriage Akiko.

In other news, we were also finally able to hand over a generous cheque to the ladies from Giant Steps. The money raised through our very successful show last August enabled us to help out their very deserving school once again. 

Another exciting item of news- our Jess is the subject of a profile article in the current edition of Quilters Companion. I'll see if I can get a copy to bring to group next week. Well done Jessica!

We all send our thoughts and best wishes to Cheryl for a speedy recovery. Can't wait for you to return to us.

Members were able to see the 'proofing' copy of the show book this week. Alison is taking care of final adjustments before an order goes in. Iris is collecting orders if you are keen to purchase a copy. Thank you girls.

All Lord Mayor's Quilt blocks were delivered on schedule this week. Many thanks all for sticking to the plan. Susan was most impressed! Now the construction work can begin!

The first few aprons have been completed, and Akiko modelled one to inspire others with theirs.

Very nice! Another from the same table group is shown below.

Remember, any embellishment you like (within reason and taste!) will be acceptable!
These are just one group's  inspiration. Go for it!

With so much else going on, we didn't get to Show and Tell till rather late (sorry Lindy).
But here are two lovely little baby quilts for the Grace Centre made by Val.

A wonderful day! The Champagne definitely helped the stitching, and provided a festive atmosphere to cheer Akiko on her way.
See you all next week for a 'sedate' get together! Are we ever sedate? I think not!!!

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