Sunday 17 May 2015

14th May 2015

Good to be back on Thursday. Lots of activity yet again. Both raffle quilts being finalised by their respective leaders and workers, with plenty of suggestions from onlookers! It really does create lots of excitement. Below you can see some possible arrangements for the contemporary, and some details of the various blocks included.





       I think you'll agree it's looking very promising indeed! Can't wait.

Quite a few shows coming up during the next few months or so. I hope everyone who has been at quilting has checked the notice board (on the food table!) which has all the details. You can also check our website and find them there.

The latest Template magazine has arrived from The NSW Guild, and it includes multiple copies of transport arrangements for this year's show, which is June 17 to 21. Please check these details for the best method of travel for you. Plenty of options, and cheaper parking this year I believe.

Robyn J has been busy as always producing new ideas and products for the stage sales at our next show. Never too early to start. I didn't get shots of the latest, but they are cute as cute, and practical as well! Ask Robyn when next you see her. She just might have one with her.


Janet has been working away on hexagons, and has produced this large and delightful quilt, for herself she says! Good for you Janet. It is beautifully quilted by Susan St J, so much so that it looks like a reversible.


Kerry has been working on a delightful quilt for her niece. It looks so delicate and soft. Lucky niece! I'm sure it will become a favourite.


Well, that's all for now. Happy stitching and see you next week.

Friday 8 May 2015

May Community Day

Elva wasn't able to be with us on Thursday, so Grace stepped in and gave the midday 'news' and Iris, here, with the Blog update.

Elva, our thoughts are with you.

Congratulations to our winning quilter:   Deb won both 1st and 3rd at the Eastwood Show last weekend.    Look at this fabulous quilt and you can see why she won 1 st Prize:

Judy and her team (with 'instructions' from many advisors) put  all the components of the 2016 Contemporary Raffle Quilt on the design wall ...  it is so striking !

Starting like this ....

And then like this ...

Grace told us about her workshop on Friday 22nd at Material Obsession:  as Grace explained, the workshop takes you on a journey using geometry, pattern and wool felt .  Talk to Grace for lots more detail.

Show and Tell  ...

This is Beryl B's latest quilt - a design from her grandson - challenging !

Penny shared this fabulous work in progress: 
Sorry,  I didn't get a picture of the full quilt, just the centre and the sashiko work in the corners.
Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

New Contributions to our Community 'stash'

From Helen - Card Tricks. 

From Jenny - Yellow Rainbow

Community Work in Progress ....

A top from Marie K - still to be quilting and general opinion is, that this should be a community hand quilting effort - perhaps at the Retreat ?

Look at this stunning work from Robyn S and her team  ...

and last but not least  ...   our Christmas Challenge Quilt - funky flowers and stars also still to be quilted.

One more thing  ...  the latest additions to Jess's 'Monstrosity' challenge:

Robyn S's cute cot quilt from her scrap of 'dolly' fabric

Iris's coathangers - not a scrap was wasted !

You can check out all the 'results' from this 'challenging' challenge on our Challenge Page.  

Have a good week, everyone, until next Thursday,  Cheers Iris

Sunday 3 May 2015

Goodbye to April

The year sweeps by, but we are making good progress in spite of that.
The two Raffle quilts for 2016 are well underway. Just a few more squares needed for the traditional one, and further construction can begin. The contemporary one has most of the blocks needed, so further construction can start soon as well. 

Possible judges for the show will be contacted in the next couple of weeks, and we have quite a list to choose from. Don't forget if you have any suggestions, please let me know ASAP.

Kerry has finalised the new contact lists and will send them out soon, possibly this week. We will also print some off for those who don't have access to emails, and some to be kept on file and in the cupboard. In this way, everyone can have immediate access to a copy of the list for keeping in touch. Thanks Kerry.

Robyn J is sending 9 of her quilts to Nepal after a request for them. Wonderful Robyn. Joy also mentioned that space blankets are urgently needed for those sleeping in wet conditions out in the open. Plenty of drop off points near us all. Great that we can help even in a small way.


To start the show and tell this week we have another few products from the "Jess" challenge. (Sorry Jess, but that name has stuck I'm afraid!) I hope Jess is enjoying seeing such enthusiasm, and the bag of lucky dip parcels is now empty! You'll just have to hunt through your own stashes or rummage through the scrap boxes on Thursdays. We'll have a big 'showing' later in the year. Here they are. I'm sorry I didn't get the names of those who made them, but you may be able to tell from who's holding them!


Reversible bag above!

Love this cute skirt!

Great work girls! Can't wait to see what turns up next week!

Susan SJ showed her finished and lovely quilt. It was machine quilted by her. Outstanding job Susan.

Orange group created this following quilt for the community collection. Well done girls!

Val and Iris collaborated on this quilt top which has a favourite theme for Val! It's going to make a very cute finished quilt!


Folłwing are some more baby quilts from Maree G, Maree K and Jenny. Many thanks girls.

The following is a quilt by Jenny and Iris previously shown but now completed. A beauty!


Henney and Iris collaborated on this next one, and Iris did the back. Very colourful indeed!



Finally, Ros showed a completed beauty. I'm sorry I must have moved taking the shot. It's a bit blurry I'm afraid. Hope you can see the lovely work. Well done Ros!


What a splendid amount of work! It's an amazingly productive group! I hope a few people were able to make it to the Eastwood Show. Some lovely quilts. And it looked like good crowds in spite of the downpour! Our Deb had a very striking and interesting quilt in which won a first in its division. Well done Deb.
See you all next week. Keep dry if you can!

Sunday 26 April 2015

After the big storm!

Well, it was very nice to see the sun on Thursday for our quilting session together. I think everyone was well and truly 'over' the storms and constant rain!
Huddled cosily in our beloved hall, there was plenty of busy stitching, sorting, designing, basting and all other associated tasks going on. If you look around, you'd be amazed at the variety of work in progress.

Kerry is updating all contact information in order to produce new lists. These will be distributed when ready. Please let Kerry know if there are any changes to your name, address, contact numbers (including emergency contacts), email addresses etc. It's so important for effective communication to keep all this information exact and current. Thanks for that.

Robyn would like more blocks to increase the size of the Traditional Raffle Quilt. If everyone could do at least one more, that would be great. Please see or contact Robyn for details of colours needed. Thanks.

Thanks to Janet for the hard job of selecting new books for our library from the donated pile. It's a constant job to keep the limited space we have filled with useful and desirable books, without overloading the cupboard. Four new books have been added, and some very large ones which may have general appeal but may be too heavy to borrow on a regular basis, will be kept on the bottom shelf as if they were "coffee table" books. A couple are very beautiful and important books which will have long-term historical and research value. I'm sure every quilter will respect and care for the book collection. Please feel free to browse any time. You may be surprised what you find!

I'd be interested to hear from members about Josie's suggestion of hiring a bus to the Manly Quilt Exhibition in July. Thanks to Betty for contacting the community centre and gathering all the details for us. It's quite doable financially, so it's just a matter of how much interest there is. We can have a small bus holding 11 members, or a larger one holding 19 members. We should decide by next Thursday I think, so let me know if you're interested. Otherwise we can just car-pool it.

Eastwood Quilt Show is coming up next weekend. Always a good event. You can check all dates, times etc on our website, thanks to Iris!


We have the first outcome from the Challenge set by Jess. The challenge has come to be known as "Inspiration - Monstrisity to Magic!" 
Typical, first off the mark has been Jenny, with this lovely cushion. Outstanding!


Remember, you don't have to make a double-bed size quilt or anything. It can be something modest and yet practical and gorgeous such as this. You can also add, subtract, embellish or indeed do whatever you want. Nothing authoratarian about this challenge! Have fun, spread your creative wings!
Well done Jenny! First cab off the rank!

The cute quilt below is the latest baby one for the Grace Centre. Thanks to Lindy M for this little elephant beauty. Very cute!


Iris told us a sweet story of a group knitting teddies for the Redfern Police unit. The teddies are kept in the police cars, and used for any traumatised children encountered during the police work. What a wonderful initiative! These few were knitted by June and Robyn S. Thank you girls. They are so cute and valuable. 


So, another enjoyable group this week, as always. What a joy it is to come and share our skills, our worries and our hopes and adventures with friends. See you next week again.

Sunday 19 April 2015

Kids back to school next week

We have enjoyed the sound of happy laughter and play while the school holidays have been on. It means a few little visitors on Thursdays, and a new generation being introduced to the wonders of quilt making! Things will seem much quieter next week with them all back at school.

Thanks to Susan St J for bringing a fresh lot of batting to our stocks. We now have both poly down and poly cotton available. 

Both show quilts are coming along very nicely. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. There will still be plenty of work to help out with as they are assembled and completed. 

Joy is still looking for people to fill the empty kitchen roster spots. Have a look to make sure you have put your name down.

Quite a few shows and exhibitions coming up in the next few months. They all look worth seeing, and a nice day trip has great appeal at this time of year. See the notice board at the hall for details, or check the link on our website where Iris is keeping an up-to-date list with details. Thanks Iris.

I have added the shots of the two baby quilts which I didn't have last blog. They were done by Barbara Ward from the CWA and Sue D.



This week's baby quilts are by Carolyn D (1st 3) and Susie L (last one)


Lovely work ladies all!

Helen, Susie and Beryl showed us their results from a Chris Jurd workshop.

Can't wait to see what becomes of the squares! Going to be one spectacular quilt I feel!
Look forward to seeing everyone again next Thursday. Enjoy the weekend.