Sunday 26 April 2015

After the big storm!

Well, it was very nice to see the sun on Thursday for our quilting session together. I think everyone was well and truly 'over' the storms and constant rain!
Huddled cosily in our beloved hall, there was plenty of busy stitching, sorting, designing, basting and all other associated tasks going on. If you look around, you'd be amazed at the variety of work in progress.

Kerry is updating all contact information in order to produce new lists. These will be distributed when ready. Please let Kerry know if there are any changes to your name, address, contact numbers (including emergency contacts), email addresses etc. It's so important for effective communication to keep all this information exact and current. Thanks for that.

Robyn would like more blocks to increase the size of the Traditional Raffle Quilt. If everyone could do at least one more, that would be great. Please see or contact Robyn for details of colours needed. Thanks.

Thanks to Janet for the hard job of selecting new books for our library from the donated pile. It's a constant job to keep the limited space we have filled with useful and desirable books, without overloading the cupboard. Four new books have been added, and some very large ones which may have general appeal but may be too heavy to borrow on a regular basis, will be kept on the bottom shelf as if they were "coffee table" books. A couple are very beautiful and important books which will have long-term historical and research value. I'm sure every quilter will respect and care for the book collection. Please feel free to browse any time. You may be surprised what you find!

I'd be interested to hear from members about Josie's suggestion of hiring a bus to the Manly Quilt Exhibition in July. Thanks to Betty for contacting the community centre and gathering all the details for us. It's quite doable financially, so it's just a matter of how much interest there is. We can have a small bus holding 11 members, or a larger one holding 19 members. We should decide by next Thursday I think, so let me know if you're interested. Otherwise we can just car-pool it.

Eastwood Quilt Show is coming up next weekend. Always a good event. You can check all dates, times etc on our website, thanks to Iris!


We have the first outcome from the Challenge set by Jess. The challenge has come to be known as "Inspiration - Monstrisity to Magic!" 
Typical, first off the mark has been Jenny, with this lovely cushion. Outstanding!


Remember, you don't have to make a double-bed size quilt or anything. It can be something modest and yet practical and gorgeous such as this. You can also add, subtract, embellish or indeed do whatever you want. Nothing authoratarian about this challenge! Have fun, spread your creative wings!
Well done Jenny! First cab off the rank!

The cute quilt below is the latest baby one for the Grace Centre. Thanks to Lindy M for this little elephant beauty. Very cute!


Iris told us a sweet story of a group knitting teddies for the Redfern Police unit. The teddies are kept in the police cars, and used for any traumatised children encountered during the police work. What a wonderful initiative! These few were knitted by June and Robyn S. Thank you girls. They are so cute and valuable. 


So, another enjoyable group this week, as always. What a joy it is to come and share our skills, our worries and our hopes and adventures with friends. See you next week again.

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