Sunday 19 April 2015

Kids back to school next week

We have enjoyed the sound of happy laughter and play while the school holidays have been on. It means a few little visitors on Thursdays, and a new generation being introduced to the wonders of quilt making! Things will seem much quieter next week with them all back at school.

Thanks to Susan St J for bringing a fresh lot of batting to our stocks. We now have both poly down and poly cotton available. 

Both show quilts are coming along very nicely. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. There will still be plenty of work to help out with as they are assembled and completed. 

Joy is still looking for people to fill the empty kitchen roster spots. Have a look to make sure you have put your name down.

Quite a few shows and exhibitions coming up in the next few months. They all look worth seeing, and a nice day trip has great appeal at this time of year. See the notice board at the hall for details, or check the link on our website where Iris is keeping an up-to-date list with details. Thanks Iris.

I have added the shots of the two baby quilts which I didn't have last blog. They were done by Barbara Ward from the CWA and Sue D.



This week's baby quilts are by Carolyn D (1st 3) and Susie L (last one)


Lovely work ladies all!

Helen, Susie and Beryl showed us their results from a Chris Jurd workshop.

Can't wait to see what becomes of the squares! Going to be one spectacular quilt I feel!
Look forward to seeing everyone again next Thursday. Enjoy the weekend.

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