Friday 8 May 2015

May Community Day

Elva wasn't able to be with us on Thursday, so Grace stepped in and gave the midday 'news' and Iris, here, with the Blog update.

Elva, our thoughts are with you.

Congratulations to our winning quilter:   Deb won both 1st and 3rd at the Eastwood Show last weekend.    Look at this fabulous quilt and you can see why she won 1 st Prize:

Judy and her team (with 'instructions' from many advisors) put  all the components of the 2016 Contemporary Raffle Quilt on the design wall ...  it is so striking !

Starting like this ....

And then like this ...

Grace told us about her workshop on Friday 22nd at Material Obsession:  as Grace explained, the workshop takes you on a journey using geometry, pattern and wool felt .  Talk to Grace for lots more detail.

Show and Tell  ...

This is Beryl B's latest quilt - a design from her grandson - challenging !

Penny shared this fabulous work in progress: 
Sorry,  I didn't get a picture of the full quilt, just the centre and the sashiko work in the corners.
Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

New Contributions to our Community 'stash'

From Helen - Card Tricks. 

From Jenny - Yellow Rainbow

Community Work in Progress ....

A top from Marie K - still to be quilting and general opinion is, that this should be a community hand quilting effort - perhaps at the Retreat ?

Look at this stunning work from Robyn S and her team  ...

and last but not least  ...   our Christmas Challenge Quilt - funky flowers and stars also still to be quilted.

One more thing  ...  the latest additions to Jess's 'Monstrosity' challenge:

Robyn S's cute cot quilt from her scrap of 'dolly' fabric

Iris's coathangers - not a scrap was wasted !

You can check out all the 'results' from this 'challenging' challenge on our Challenge Page.  

Have a good week, everyone, until next Thursday,  Cheers Iris

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