Saturday 23 May 2015

21st May - nearly the end of Autumn!

Yes the year is rocketing by.
But at HH Quilters it's a fantastic group effort as usual. You only need to look at how quickly support groups gather round any activity that's going. Everyone's always ready to help, either with advice or physical effort. Just look:


This quilt resulted from last Christmas's challenge. It's going to be a beauty, and see how help arrives to support the work.

First with four.......


Then six.......


And finally ten!



And then there's our Raffle Quilts to be put together. Decisions, decisions! No problem......

First the Contemporary Quilt is up on the wall with four deliborators three standing and one seated......


Then eight.......


And finally ten, plus many seated around the room out of shot! No shortage of advice and suggestions.


While quietly at the machine the Traditional Quilt is slowly coming together. Many changes and manipulating positions, but it is emerging like a beautiful butterfly.




What a team! Is it any wonder this is such a productive group, and so supportive of each other's projects. It's the fundamental element of our group.

Thanks to all those who contributed to the Guild's collection of red and white squares for the kids day at the coming show. Much appreciated.


Laurel has produced these two lovely baby quilts for the Grace Centre collection. Thanks so much Laurel. They want them to keep coming. Backs and fronts are shown because the backs are so cute too!





Jenny was being chided for not showing anything last week, so to make amends, she's has two beauties on display. The first is a gorgeous colour wash from a Gloria Loughman pattern.


Wow! And the second is a Sue Daley block of the month, which Jenny says she didn't really like, so it's been 'resting'. She's now much happier with it. So she should be......


Your reputation as an over-achiever is in tact Jenny, even though you vow there will be nothing next week. We'll see........

Finally a lovely and well-loved Wagga belonging to Gil. She told us that it was made for her by Doreen and Diana Drake some years ago, and keeps her warm in cold winters. Perfect!

 And so we come to the end of another fun and productive week at HHQ.
See you soon again all!

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