Friday 29 May 2015

Winter's on its way! 28/5/15

Quite a few of us are looking forward to the trip to Kiama on the weekend to see the Quilt Show. It should be a great day!
This was our last week of May, and next week we devote to community quilt projects. Some of these undertakings are on-going, as for example the baby quilts for the Grace Centre at Westmead Hospital. 
Below you will see two which were on display this week to add to the collection. The first is by Val and features cute animal fabrics front and back:


The next one is by Grace, and was made as part of the 'Jess Challenge'. Grace only had the yellow and black fabric from her lucky dip parcel. All other fabrics were added to make this cute quilt. The back is also interesting.



Our Traditional Raffle Quilt was finally ready for the design wall this week. Meticulous work on placement of all the squares has payed off, with a stunning display showing the circles and stars coming through. Congratulations to the team lead by Robyn, and well done to everyone who contributed squares to the project. It's going to look fabulous for the show!


In an unending effort to reduce the number of scraps in the big box from the cupboard, a galant group of ladies keep trying each week to use more and more in various projects. They are amazed that like the magic pudding, the pile just keeps growing and growing!


Although she promised faithfully not to have anything for show and tell this week, our resident over-achiever Jenny has DONE IT AGAIN! She tells us that she was sick this week, and therefore had plenty of time to quilt while grounded. Any excuse I say! Here is her offering - an old quilt top she didn't really like all that much, but it's looking pretty good now!


Below you can see Robyn J's quilt for the new baby of a friend. This is a pattern she has made many times for babies she says, and I can see why it's a favourite. Very cute with its Velcro bits to play with.



Susan SJ says her daughter requested the colours of this following quilt. It is a king size, and with beautiful quilting done by Susan. She explained the process of getting the quilting patterns from the computer, downloading and so on. Some of us had eyes glazing over at the technical talk. Quite amazing what can be done these days! The final product is stunning. Well done Susan!



And finally we come to a lovely scrappy quilt which Helen has made for a very ill friend. A lovely thought and a delightful quilt Helen.


Another productive week at Hunters Hill, and lots of fun and companionship into the bargain.
See you next time.

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