Tuesday 1 December 2020

A Little Late

 Hi Everyone,

My apologies for the late blog this week. We have had our 2 young grandchildren stay over for the last 4 nights. I had forgotten how full on young people are!

I hope you all managed to cope with the heatwave conditions over the weekend.  The relief yesterday was a pleasant change.

Sandy handed out the Christmas Challenge on Thursday for those who were at the meeting. She will bring more this coming week and also to the Christmas Party on December 10.

Robyn Jnst told me that we have achieved our quota of quilts both for Sylvanvale and for the Womens' Refuge. Robyn had also received a very nice letter of thanks for the trauma bears and rabbits that she and Ros have made. Iris has filed the letter in our 'brag' book.

Ros had word from Akiko. She has finished her quarantine in Japan and is with her Mother. I guess it is getting pretty cold there too. 

Christmas Party:

With the easing of restrictions, I am confident that it is safe to hold our Christmas Party while still observing a 2 square metre distance rather then the 4 square metres that has been in place.

The chairs will be set up in semi circles with easy access to a table for your lunch. It will be best if you are sitting when Narelle offers you a drink. Feel free to move around so you get to speak to others who you normally don't sit with, remembering always to stand or sit a little apart. No crowding allowed!

I will send an email out about the party so we manage to reach everyone.

Show and Tell:

Ros has handstitched a beautiful star quilt. She started it 13 years ago! The backing, quilting and binding are yet to be done. 

Carolyn brought in another 10 baby quilts. She made 50 during our lockdown in March. Overall she has made 300 . Carolyn insists that her stash has not reduced!

Ann has finished a quilt top from Val Duncan. A very pretty 'sample' quilt.

Marie K. bought these fabrics many years ago in Houston. Another lovely quilt from Marie who always hand sews her blocks.

Until next week ....

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