Sunday 6 December 2020

Penultimate Blog for 2020

 Hi Everyone,

We are almost at the end of our very strange year. Thankfully we have been very lucky overall but it has been a very mixed year.

We had a group of 24 this week. Joy arrived with 4 huge bags full of quilts and bits and pieces from Norma McMorran who died recently. A lot of the quilts are finished and ready for Community. A number of the other quilting items were sorted through and taken by those who could use them. Narelle kindly took the crocheted wool rug to wash and give to a charity.

Bev met a lady at Kathy's shop who asked if we had any quilts to donate. Bev gave the details to Sandy who has contacted her. She works at a Palliative Care facility in Greenwich and will be very happy to receive quilts for the patients. Sandy will follow up early next year.

The Christmas Challenge:

We have started to hand out the Christmas challenge with more to come next week for those who have not received one.

There is an error with the instructions. Just sew a coloured rectangle to each of the grey ones as the photo below shows. Do not try to sew them into a block as they won't fit.

Christmas Party next week. 

Some of the groups who sit together each week want to keep the two table arrangement and share their food. Every group will have a table to access. It is fun to mix around though and get to know others in the group who you don't normally speak to. There will also be a looser arrangement with some of the tables and chairs to allow more freedom. I am still not keen on sharing food eg dips etc. so be sensible. I will bring my own lunch and something else as well. 

Still observe the correct distance between people. Narelle will serve the drinks to those sitting.

Don't forget to bring a glass!

Also Iris is going to hang the Show Raffle Quilts so she can take a publicity photo of us all in front of them.

Show and Tell:

I finished one of Rhonda Taylor's quilt tops with backing, wadding and binding. It looks very Christmasy. This is for Community.

Heather made this wonderful Christmas stocking for a new little baby on its way. It is very detailed and a good size ready for all the goodies.

Christmas Challenge: Only join each grey piece to a coloured piece and leave them like that. They will be sorted and arranged into blocks later.

Until next week with my Christmas greetings .........

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