Sunday 13 December 2020

Happy Holidays

 Hi Everyone,

We finished our quilting year on a high note with our Christmas party. It was a little different this year and some members think that we should use the same configuration next year.  Ros and Narelle's table had the best decoration and food. I fear they have set a precedent so I expect a lot of competition next year!

It was wonderful to have 32 attend. Marie K brought Moina along and it was so good to see her. Also Karen joined us which was a nice surprise as she has not come to any meetings since the lockdown.

A great big thank you to Narelle for organising and serving the drinks. Ros helped her too. Narelle handled it with aplomb and made sure no one went without some form of liquid in front of them. Narelle made a delicious fruit punch as well this year which was very popular.

I read out messages from Suzie L, Lindy and Laurel - all wishing us a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Felicity contacted Judy S. to say that she was thinking of us. She was worried about coming as she has been in and out of hospital so often this year.

Gill organised a card to be signed by us all for Doreen.

Robyn S took 103 quilts to Westmead. This brings the total number given to them this year to 150. There are 33 more ready for next year.

Marie G made 40 little fabric Christmas trees for everyone. These were handed out with the Lucky Door prize tickets. I called her yesterday to say there were 8 left over and did she want them. She said no keep them so I have given 3 to my grandchildren for their trees and the remaining 5, I will distribute to friends.

Sandy handed out more of the Christmas Challenge kits. Many had been finished and returned to her already.

Of course the highlight of the day was June's game. June had many more tricky questions again this year. It was great fun as usual. Nobody was wearing pink undies! June announced that this is definitely her last year! She has two deputies in mind who will take it over from next year. I think though it will always be known as "June's Game".

Thank you June for doing it every year for so long. It is always the highlight of our Christmas Party.

Show and Tell:

June's quilting friend Bronwyn has given us 5 beautiful quilts to be sold at our show. Meg has kindly offered to take them to Suzie L for safe keeping.

Only parts of the quilts are shown:

I wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and I look forward to a brand new year in 2021 that will hopefully be more normal.

Keep well and take care.

We start again on January 14, 2021. I will send out an email to everyone before then, re numbers who can attend etc. depending of course on the status of the virus.

 Until next time.........

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