Sunday 18 October 2020

Some Changes

 Hi Everyone,

First thank you to Deb for taking care of the blog last week and well done too.

Grace showed us a different way of making perfect circles for applique and Ann brought in many jars of her cumquat marmalade to share.

We had a committee meeting on Thursday morning. A few changes have been decided.

* Kitchen:

Many of our members have expressed an interest in not reinstating morning teas when the current restrictions are over. We have become used to bringing our own lunch and thermos or drink.

We have decided however to have the ability to boil the kettles for hot water. There will be hand wipes next to the kettles for everyone to wipe the handles down before and after each use. I know we have the zip hot water already in the kitchen but I do not find this very palatable. Of course if you are worried about using the kettle, continue to bring your own thermos or drink.

* Hours change:

As most of us leave just before 2.00 pm we have decided to reduce our hours from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Originally the hall was opened at 10.00 am to allow those bringing morning tea to set up before everyone arrived at 10.30 am.

Most of us arrive at 10 or shortly thereafter. This will save $500 in rent per year.

* Library Books:

Sue and Alison are going through our library one shelf per week and culling many of the very old books that have not been used in years. You have the opportunity to take any you would like to keep. Others are going to Achieve or recycling.

* Life Members:

Life Member badges were given to Beryl R. and Robyn Jnst. this week. 25 years of continuous service is a real achievement. Congratulations to you both.

When I looked at the number of members coming up for Life Membership I was startled at how many there will be over the next few years.

We rely on your annual membership fees each year to keep us viable. As you are aware we have rent to pay, insurance fees, cost of batting and many small expenses. It is especially critical this year without the benefit from our show. Your continuing contribution provides necessary financial support to the group.

* Christmas Party:

I will announce details for our Christmas party closer to the end of November. Our last day will be 10th December this year. We will have the 'party' on both 3rd and 10th December so everyone will have a chance to come.

Show and Tell:

Four baby quilts from Beryl

Baby quilt from Marie K.

6 Baby quilts from Sue D.

Cushion from Sandy

"Guitar Quilt" from Grace for Charity

Iris has been using her stash of green fabric. To her dismay she still has lots left! This one for Community.

Community quilt from Marie K.

Community quilt from Ros

Robyn Jnst used a panel to make a cot quilt

A very big quilt from Robyn for a special friend. It was too big to photograph easily so here is a sample.

Until next week .........

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