Sunday 25 October 2020

Meeting with Council

 Hi Everyone,

Under normal circumstances we would have been in the Hunter Valley this weekend for our retreat. Sadly not to be.

Meeting with Council:

Alison, Deb and I had a meeting last Wednesday with Hunters Hill Council. The invitation was from their new General Manager, Lisa Miscamble.

The meeting gave us a chance to explain what we do, and the many years we have been associated with the Hunters Hill Community. It allowed us to mention our show, the charities we donate to, the wall hanging for the HH Public School 150 anniversary, sensory mats for St Josephs etc. etc.

I also mentioned that we hadn't received an invoice for rent this year. We were surprised and grateful to hear that Council has waived fees for all their community halls this year.

This helps a great deal. If our show still doesn't eventuate next year we will remain financial.

Changes to the Town Hall:

There have been many changes to the Town Hall set up. There is now an access ramp to the front door which has been a requirement for many years. The hall is basically the same but with the "Wagga" room blocked off. That room will be the Councils' Chambers again but with a larger capacity and without the upper stage level and modernised.

The kitchen that we use for the Show is now for visitors to the Hall. In fact the Council is hoping that the Hall and Kitchen will be used for weddings and other functions.

The staff now has a separate lunch room and kitchen area. There is a new disabled/unisex toilet to the right of the entrance and the other two toilets on the left have been updated.

There is now an easier way to contact Council by email. They assured us that these emails will be answered!

They have many initiatives in the pipeline. Council is obviously trying to do more for their Community. One such endeavour is a space called 'The Yarn' behind the HH Pub. They would like this to be used for craft groups and holding workshops. Alison, Deb and I will go there next week after quilting to check it out. I am not sure that it is something for us but you never know.

Show and Tell:

Carolyn brought in 10 of her baby Quilts. 

Sheila used pieces of fabric from Val's stash. It is a very soft and pretty mauve blue colour for a baby quilt.

Two baby quilts from Beryl B.

Bev finished a partly made quilt from Val for Community.

A bright quilt from Bev. The pattern is from 'Modern Quilts Studio'.

A Japanese wall hanging from Carolyn.

Until next week .....

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