Saturday 26 October 2019

Lots of Photos

Hi Everyone,

We had a busy time clearing one of our cupboards this week as we had to relinquish it to the Council. We did however acquire two extra cupboards in the kitchen which works out quite well for us.
Thank you to everyone who helped, particularly Iris, Suzie, Grace and Sandy.

I mentioned that it is time to start planning your quilt for our show next year. We will be needing the dimensions and colours of your quilts in April. This is required for the hall layout and the hire of the frames for hanging.
Everyone should endeavour to make one.
The minimum size is 1m x 1m and the maximum is 280cm wide x 290 cm high.

Show and Tell:

Baby quilts from Carolyn - a cowboy quilt and three others grouped below.

Star baby quilt from Jenny.

 Robyn Jnst. and her husband are going to Trundle in the Central West of NSW, west of Parkes in the Parkes Shire.
The Trundle area has been in severe drought for years. The school headmaster has many ideas to help the children get through this hard time. Many of the children go home after school to help hand feed the animals. The headmaster tries to lift their spirits.
Robyn has been asked for 48 gifts for some of the children and has been given their ages and likes and preferences. Some have never had a Christmas present.
Robyn and her husband are driving out to Trundle to deliver the quilts and gifts.

Below is a quilt top being made by Ros. for a little boy who loves motor bikes.

A unicorn quilt from Marie K. Unicorns are so popular with little girls.

 Suzie has made this cute cushion for her grandson's second Birthday. She has called it Cuddly Dudley. There is a pocket in the back for a special book.

 A quilt from Robyn for a younger child.

 Three more motorbike quilts for little boys.
 Top and bottom one from Grace and middle one from Robyn.

 Grace made this quilt to be raffled by the school.
 Grace used a linen/cotton blend and hand painted the triangles.

Until next time ....

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