Saturday 2 November 2019

Happy Halloween

This was our Halloween inspired morning tea 

Iris on blog this week,  as Judy enjoys some holiday time.   Huge thank you to Sandy and Deb for turning morning tea into a Halloween feast, including lots of lolly treats.

We also had an early visit from our very own special 'Go-To Man'.    Peter, thank you for fixing up (and painting) our new shelves.   We have already filled them.
So much show and tell this week:

Ros has finished the 'Motor Bike' quilt for Robyn Jnst.'s trip to Trundle delivering Christmas presents.     Judy wrote about it last week.   Note, next week is the final day to give Robyn your finished quilts.


The 'Green Group',  Lin, Meg, Ellen, Robin and Sue made this quilt,  for our Community stash: I've called it  'Designer Garden'

Ellen and Robin also showed us two of Adrienne's quilts that they finished for her.  Both of the quilts will go to Adrienne's granddaughters and both so huge that I did not do them justice with my poor pictures.      Close-ups of part of a hand quilted Baltimore and a hand pieced and quilted Reproduction style quilt.

And this weeks selection of Cot quilts for Grace Centre ...

Two from June

From Grace,  made in the Maria Sheils workshop she attended 

From Felicity and Suzie:  Felicity bought the fabric in US, Suzie put it together and Felicity finished the binding.

Quilters can also be Knitters too:    Jenny and Bev participated in a mystery knit and produced these magnificent shawls.   

Happy quilting, knitting and just creating: have a good week.

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