Sunday 20 October 2019

Waggas and Community

Hullo Everyone,

The hall was busy this week. Waggas were being sewn and planned for our show next year. The Lord Mayor's Picnic quilt was being pinned together. Some members were knitting.  And of course lots of chatter and catching up with news.

Akiko will be back this coming week. She has been in Japan visiting her mother. I was anxious about her with the Typhoon Japan was having. Thankfully all is well but Akiko was very sad to see the devastation quite near her.

I contacted Coleen about having her jewellery "shop" here this year. Coleen is extremely busy and feels that she cannot come this year. Perhaps next year.

Suzie bought a new first aid kit as the other one went missing. This is kept in the kitchen cupboard if needed.

Show and Tell:

Grace finished her Maria Shell quilts from the recent workshop. Such amazing and interesting effects. No rulers are used and the solid colours are eye catching. 

Grace especially likes the effect of the right arrows joining the ones below. It certainly is stunning.

A baby quilt from Jenny using an Australian animals panel.

A Wagga from Gill and hand quilted over the weekend by Grace!

Until next week ....

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