Friday 3 May 2019

Wagga Workshop

Hullo Everyone,

Grace and Helena held a Wagga Workshop this week for us all. Grace talked briefly about the history of the Wagga and showed some that have been made.
Gill brought in one that was made many years ago and has been dry cleaned three times. It looked brand new and so very elegant.

The Waggas always attract a lot of attention at our Quilt Show.

Nothing is nicer than cuddling under a Wagga during the Winter while watching TV or on a bed. They are so cosy, warm and luxurious.

I hope many of you will give one a try. There is plenty of fabric available in the cupboards. The dimensions required are 60 x 72 inches. There are hundreds of possibilities for designs. Remember though to use half inch seams as the wool fabric sits flatter with the larger seam.

Hunters Hill Art Show will be held at the Town Hall from May 11 to 19. The paintings on display are well worth a look.

Akiko is on holidays, so Grace is looking after Treasury for any requirements.

Lots of Show and Tell this week:

Lindy has made the first 4 cot quilts below for the Women's Refuge that Robyn Jnst visits.
Lindy actually made 5 quilts. I apologise for missing one of them.
Lindy also brought in a box of 'goodies' from her farm for us all to share.
The box contained avocados, lemons, limes, bananas and mandarins. A feast! Thank you Lindy.

Grace has also made one.

Sandy has too.

Ros has been busy knitting more Teddies for children who have suffered Trauma. The toys have no faces. We understand that this enables the child to identify more closely with the toy. I admit my heart stopped when I was first told about this.

Lindy made this quilt for Community. I think we are calling it  'Spot the Bird'.

Jenny calls this her 'Aspirational Dummy'. It is really wonderful and hand quilted as well. Ten out of ten Jenny!

Heather entered this lovely quilt in the Sydney Royal Easter Show. She was delighted and thrilled not only to win first prize, but also to receive a Standard of Excellence award. It is a very pretty quilt and beautifully made. Well done Heather.

Until next week ....

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