Friday 10 May 2019

Kangaroo Quilts

Hi Everyone.

Carolyn from Westmead Childrens Hospital came on Thursday to collect 42 Kangaroo Quilts for the Mothers and Babies skin to skin contact sessions.

She was overwhelmed by all your lovely work and couldn't stop smiling and thanking us.
A job well done. Thank you everybody.

Carolyn also took 40 of the normal baby quilts which were to be handed out as gifts on Mothers Day.

Member News:

* We are sorry to hear that Beryl R. had an accident whilst walking her daughter's dog. The dog took off while she was holding it and pushed Beryl into a builder's brick construction wall.
Unfortunately she has sustained a broken nose, two black eyes, a broken thumb and a sprained index finger.
I have sent her a card and hope that she will be able to join us again soon.
We all send our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

* Helen K. had some sad news for us too. Her mother passed away at Easter. We are very sorry especially as Helen and her mother were very close.

General News:

* Elva sent on an email about a group who organises Textile tours to Morocco, India and France.
The group is called Authentic Global Travel P/L.
I can forward the email to anyone who is interested.

* Achieve Sewing Basket still has its pop-up shop at 427 Darling St, Balmain. If you do go, Jenny needs 25  x  14" zips (35 cms) for her bags to sell at the show.

Due Dates:

* Iris has received a number of blocks for the Traditional Quilt. Any remaining blocks are due next week.

* Modern Quilt Show - if you intend to enter the Modern Quilt Show this year, entries are due by 17 June 2019.

* Hunters Hill Art Exhibition starts on 11 May at the HH Town Hall.

Show and Tell:

Jenny made this cot quilt for a new grandson. It has been machine quilted, even the circles, without any templates. How good is that!

Jenny made this quilt from a design in  Kathy Doughty's new book, Organic Applique.
The raw edge applique has been stitched down using the Japanese Boro technique. As Jenny found, it is quite addictive. The result is well worth it as it looks great.

Until next week .......

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