Sunday 21 April 2019


Hello Everyone,
Alison on the blog this week and now that I have your attention, I need to explain that Shweshwe "is a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional South African clothing.Originally dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printing designs characterised by intricate geometric patterns. Due to its popularity, shweshwe has been described as the denim, or tartan, of South Africa." (Wikipedia)
We were visited by Theresa Loots from South Africa who is visiting her daughter, Vicki Du Plooy.
Theresa told us about her remarkable recent journey in quilting. Having no patchwork experience at all, she decided to make her first quilt ever from a Dresden Plate pattern designed by Alyssoun Ryves which she found on the internet. She was so inspired by the experience that she was determined to find out more about the designer of her quilt and tracked us down.
Theresa donated some Shweshwe fabric and has challenged us to make it into a quilt.
She was then treated to a visit to Carl Ryves' house to view the original quilt.
Shweshwe fabric

Grace, Carl, Theresa, June and Vicki
Things to remember:
This Thursday is ANZAC Day so we won't be meeting.
There will be a Wagga workshop on the following Thursday.
The raffle quilt blocks which were meticulously prepared by Christie have been handed out.
Please follow the markings very carefully and make stitches as small as possible.

Show and Tell:
Baby quilt made by Beryl R. for the Grace Centre

Cot quilt made by June for a women's refuge

Cot quilt by Jenny for a family member who is having a baby

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