Saturday 30 March 2019

Bunnies and Bears

Hi Everyone,

Ros surprised us this week with a bag full of bunnies and bears she had made while 'baby-sitting' her sick dog. Robyn was delighted to receive them for the sensory mats she makes for children.
Thank you Ros.

Important Note about Retreat:

If you intend to come to our retreat in September, be aware that there are only 3 rooms left in the motel accommodation.
There is another cottage still available with shared facilities for up to 5 people as a further option.

Reminder that Kangaroo quilts are due at our next meeting. Carolyn from the Grace Centre will come the following week to pick them up as well as any regular baby quilts we have.

Remember to include some Aboriginal designs and fabrics in some of your baby quilts as these will go to a centre in Alice Springs.

April Show Dates:

The AQC in Melbourne is on from April 11 to 14. Kathy Doughty will have a booth there.

The Springwood Quilt Show is on from 26 to 28 April. A trip to the mountains is always a lovely thing to do.

Days for Girls Workshop next meeting;

* Bring your machine if possible.
* General sewing items.
* Bright fabric, cut into 30" x 12" to be made into bags. The fabric must be pre -washed.
* An extension cord and power board if you have one.

Show and Tell: 

Kangaroo quilt from Sandy.

Baby quilt from Sheila.

Two baby quilts from Marie K.

 Three cot quilts above are all from Marie K. Robyn will take these to the Refuge for mothers and babies.
It is very sad to know that the refuges can take as many of these cot quilts as we can make.

A cot quilt from Jenny for the Centre.
Robyn now has 13 cot quilts to give to the Refuge. Thank you.

Until next week .....

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