Saturday 23 March 2019

Donations Galore

Hello Everyone,
Alison on the blog today.
This week we were visited by Tracey from UNISSON Disability which provides support for adults with a disability. Tracey provided a delicious morning tea and we donated the following quilts:

Quilt made by Robyn S.
Quilt made by Marie G.
Quilt made by one of our members and quilted by Susan St J.
Wagga made by Doreen and Gill
Quilt made by Karen
Quilt made by June
Our members have also been busy making cot quilts for a Women's refuge which will be delivered by Robyn J.
A selection of quilts made by Grace
More cot quilts made by Robyn J.
Another cot quilt made by Iris
Now for some reminders:

Our Days for Girls workshop will be on our next Community Day on 4th April. Bring a sewing machine if you can and it would be good idea to throw in an extension cord or power board.

The Kangaroo quilts are also due on 4th April and will be displayed around the hall so that we can all admire our teal creations.

Remember the pink blocks that we made over the Christmas break?
Iris has arranged them to make this fun quilt top...

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