Friday 8 March 2019

A Great Day

Hi Everyone,

What a great day we had this week. Alison and Helena got off to an early start with their Amish Rag Rug workshop.
Many of our members were keen to learn the technique. Some found it easier than others. Getting started with the first few knots was the hardest.
It was a lot of fun and you will see photos of some of the results below.
Thank you to Alison and Helena.


* Retreat - Narelle has a leaflet for our retreat in September. Please see Narelle for a copy if you are planning on coming.
The dates are September 6,7,8.

* Lindy kindly brought in a box of ripe bananas from her farm. They were all taken to be eaten for lunch or to make banana bread. Thank you Lindy.

* Doreen rang to say how much she enjoyed reading our comments on her Birthday card. She enjoyed them so much, she has gone through and re-read them all.

*A reminder that Fees are now due. Please see Akiko with your cash or ask her for our banking details to pay online.

* Merlyn brought in an overlocker that she wasn't using. Robyn Jnst has a friend who needed one to help make the bags etc for Days for Girls.
It was extremely generous. Thank you Merlyn.


We had a visit from two McGrath Breast Care Nurses who work in the Northern Sydney Local Health District.
They help those ladies who don't get all the benefits that the majority receive.
This includes single Mothers or Mothers who are unable to work full time during their treatment, and therefore run short of money.
The nurses aim is to raise money to be able to give these patients some of the benefits e.g. special bras, bandages and creams, etc.
We donated a quilt for them to raffle to help raise funds.
Photo below.

Show and Tell:

 Above are examples of our work from the workshop.

Above a baby quilt from Robyn S.

Above another baby quilt from Bev which she quilted it on her machine.

 Above two close ups from our workshop.

Above the quilt we donated to the Breast Care Nurses. The quilt was made by Marie K.

That's all for today. Until next week .....

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