Monday 3 October 2016


Yes, next week will be the first week of October, and so Thursday will be devoted to community work for those who wish to participate. There are now plenty of examples of 'fiddle blankets' and other tactile objects to copy from for those interested in the current effort. Also the baby quilts are constantly in demand. Iris and Jenny started to put the Lord Mayors Quilt up on the design wall, and it's looking fantastic. Thanks ladies and all those who have contributed so far. 


As well as these activities, other quilts for community can be worked on. Please see Iris if you need some guidance on what available or what to do.

All the new HHQ badges have arrived, so if you are a new member, or you ordered a new one because of loss, just see Grace who has them ready to go.

Thanks to all those who helped chase up keys for us, and particular thanks to Joy who has gotten everything under control. Joy reports that there is still an outstanding bunch of keys which hasn't been returned, so it might be one of our travellers or someone who is away for other reasons. Joy has had new copies made of the all-important cupboard keys, so all the sets in the kitchen cupboard are now complete. It may be a good idea when you are handed a set for the following week to give them a try out, just to make sure they all work and you know which is which. Please remember that all sets should be handed in when your kitchen duty has finished. Cheers, and thanks again Joy!


Kathy D showed us this lovely quilt which she was binding. It's top is a mixture of her fabrics, and the back is from the "Folk Art Revolution" range. 



Helena showed these squares which are part of a 'block of the month' quilt as you go project. It's a Sue Cody design "Gelato Rose". Looking very nice. Can't wait to see the full effect.

That's all for this week. Enjoy the long weekend, and the various football events for those who follow the sport! Cheers, Elva

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