Sunday 16 October 2016


We were a happy crew this week. It must have been the lovely weather that has touched us all with a sense of fun and laughter.
Welcome back Laurel who has returned from her travels. Looking good and fit to go!
Grace handed out brochures for the 'Modern Quilt Show Australia', which is coming up on Saturday and Sunday, 26th and 27th November. It will be on at the Glebe Town Hall, 160 St Johns Road Glebe.
Entires close 23rd October, so if you're thinking of putting a quilt in, better hurry!
(See their website for more details)

Beryl wanted me to list for you all some old volume numbers of "Quilters Newsletter" magazine. Her daughter is after various things in these issues if you happen to have them and are thinking of culling - (aren't we all.)
She is interested in the following:
Antique Rose Sampler  
       Vol 338 Dec 2001
       Vol 341 April 2002
       Vol 344 July 2002
Posy Primer
       Vol 375 Sept 2005
       Vol 379 Jan 2006
       Vol 380 March 2006
       Vol 382 May 2006
Prairie Compass
       Vol 374 August 2005
       Vol 375 Sept 2005

Have a look through your pile if you have them and have time. Beryl would be grateful.


Lindy showed us this quilt with a delightful collection of fabrics. It will go into the community stash when finished. Looking very nice indeed.


And now two gorgeous baby quilts destined for the Grace Centre. These are by Maree K.

And two 'Fiddle Blankets' by Christie. Wonderful!

A 'Fiddle Blanket' from Carolyn D. Amazing collection of fabrics!

Three baby quilts from Lindy. Spectacular!

And finally two cot quilts by Maree G. Very nice. Sweet, soft colours. Maree's daughter-in-law and a friend who are expecting babies around the same time will have to choose who gets which one!
Hard to choose indeed!

Lovely work as always girls. After all, there are never enough quilts in the world are there?!
See you next week.

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