Sunday 23 October 2016


Sometimes I'm asked the question, "Well how many quilts do you need anyway?", and of course the answer is we don't make them out of need, we make them for the pleasure and creative joy of it! And we don't put numbers to it at all. The world can never have enough quilts!

And so we carry on week after week enjoying our hobby and figuring out what to do with it later. There's always a home for them somewhere, right?

The group decided we will nominate this year's Quilt Show again for the 2017 Australia Day Awards - Event of the Year. Worth a try, especially since so many of our regular visitors declared it the "Best HHQ Show ever!" Let's hope for a good result.

Helena shared some exciting information with us about the up-coming Royal Visit of the Dutch King and Queen. It's the 300th Anniversary of the Dutch exploring and bumping into The Great South Land we call home. Many of the Dutch community living in Australia will be involved in the celebrations, including our own Helena! Ahhhhh, our little brush with royalty....! I'm sure Helena will tell us all about it when it's done.

I noticed Iris and Jenny tucked away in a corner pinning together that project we do each year, but will remain nameless - shhhhhhh! It's looking great. Won't be long now I suspect.


First we have a huge quilt done by Narelle. Very nice colour range, and pleasingly quilted. Well done Narelle!

Next was this stunning colour contrast quilt, done by Robyn S. Apparently it was using found scraps from the cupboard. The blues may well have been from Alysoun I believe. Very lovely work Robyn. A delight, and beautifully quilted as well.


This little baby quilt for the Grace Centre is by Joy. Very sweet and happy!


Here is a quilt made by Lindy for a friend's baby (yet to arrive). Very nice use of fabrics there.

And lastly, something a little bigger from Joy. That's an understatement! Matching twin quilts for Joy's twin grandkids! Spot the differences in the individual shots. One is for the girl and one for the boy. Can you guess which is which? What a HUGE achievement Joy. They aren't spoilt at all by granny are they Joy? Or maybe just a little....... WOW!



We were knocked out by that epic piece of work. What lucky kids!
See you all again next Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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