Friday 23 September 2016

A gentle fun stitching day

Elva was on emergency 'grandma' duties, so Grace reported the news, and Iris on blog.

Business first:  Joy and Elva are sorting out keys - so if you have keys for any of our cupboards, can you please give them to Joy.

Jenny has added a new book to the library - 'Scrap Basket - Stripes and Squares'.  Colorful and simple, yet ideas with impact.

Lots of interest for 'Fidgety blankets' and 'Twiddle muffs' project :  any questions or if you need supplies, chat to Robyn Jo or Iris.   Pam R. visited with bags of  fabulous 'textured' fabrics.

And,  special thanks to Lindy, our own  'avocado queen' : a box of a avocados disappears as fast a box of fabric.

Show and Tell:

Robyn S shows us her quilt for her newest great grandson, Zane.  

Dancing penguins !

Marie K showed the 'Star Wars' quilt she made for her 9 year old grandson.  

Heather's granddaughter has to have fun with this  ...  a fabric book of  dress up dolls, complete with pocket 'wardrobes' filled with lots of changes of clothes.

The front of the book - dolls in their undies !

With a selection of dresses to choose from ..

and deciding which dress to wear for Christmas

 All fabulous fun projects   ...   happy sewing for another week.     Cheers Iris

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