Saturday 3 September 2016


Yes, we enjoyed lovely warm and sunny weather for our first Spring gathering at the hall for 2016.
A short exec meeting was held to plan next week's birthday party and activities for the rest of the year. 
Don't forget to bring your champagne glasses for a little celebratory drink at the party.
Our judges from this year's show have offered to bring the cake! Wow!
Iris set out some ideas for starting the Lord Mayors Picnic Quilt. A few ladies have already volunteered to do some of the appliqué characters, and something we can all have a go at - six 2 and a half inch squares of bright fabrics stitched together in a row. 
Also at the birthday party, we will be officially handing over the cheque and a quilt  to The Brain and Mind Centre via Dr Elizabeth Scott, and handing over all the show baby quilts plus another bundle to Karen and Carolyn from the Grace Centre. It's going to be a BIG day!

Lindy is working at finalising the dates for next year's retreat at Redleaf. We will let you know as soon as the dates are locked in.

Most of you probably know by now the name Rachel Daisy. Rachel was the Best In Show Quilter at this year's Guild Show. Her work is remarkable indeed. We have been delighted to discover that Rachel has devoted an entire blog section to our recent show. She was a visitor, and was most impressed with what she saw. I recommend a viewing of the blog, which can be googled at


First cab off the rank this week was Kerry, who showed a baby quilt she has made for a friend's baby.
Very sweet, and with the feature fabric used on the back as well. Gorgeous.



Next Maree G showed us her HUGE hexi quilt top. It is for her own bed, and she has used only stash and scraps for it. Amazing piece of work Maree, and beautiful!


Here's a close up of the work.........



Next Grace showed several quilts, some of which have been donated to us for community by Kathy D, and some of which were done by Carolyn D. All were done with Aboriginal style fabrics which were being showcased through the quilts at Material Obsession. Lucky us to receive some of them as gifts. We'll make good use of them, and thanks Kathy.
I'm not sure which ones are which, but the fabrics are really great.








The final quilt was this lovely one made by Helen K for her mum. It is made specially to be as light as possible, using lightest batting and not too much quilting. Mum wasn't keen to part with it as she's enjoying it so much, so we were lucky to be able to get a look at it. 


So, there you have it. Another lovely collection.
See you at the birthday party next week. Bring your glasses!
Cheers, Elva

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