Sunday 18 September 2016


It was a quiet day with lots of girls away on various journeys or other family commitments.
Nevertheless, plenty of quilting work continued as always. 

Jenny presented the new book acquisition for our extensive library. It's called "Mixing Quilt Elements -  Modern Look at Colour, Style & Design" by Kathy Doherty. Have a look at it when you can. Some great ideas.

Iris and Robyn J presented a possible new community project for the group to work on, which involves making of items for use by dementia patients. Sounds very interesting and worthwhile. Stay tuned for more details. 

I'm sending out a group email tomorrow asking for all those who have hall keys to bring them in. We need to check all keys and get rid of obsolete ones. Thanks.


Quite a few bits and pieces to show this week.
This first one was presented by Felicity. It's been quite a long time since we've seen her, but clearly she's been busy stitching as always! Thank you Felicity. The Grace Centre will be delighted at the start of the next pile.


I managed to get a quick snap of this gorgeous pink from Jess, who was doing one of her flying visits. Before she left she showed me this. It's going to be stunning, and may end up in Quiltmania magazine!
We'll keep an eye out.....


Sheila showed us this next one which she's made for a friend's grandson I think. It's very nice and has cute backing fabric as well. Thanks Sheila.



Gil declared that she has promised herself never to do another fox quilt! But she was persuaded to do just this one more for a friend's baby. Cute and quirky as ever! 


Iris showed us a batch of community quilts destined for the Macquarie Hospital.
This first one is by Pam Reeves and is called "Sydney Dry"


This next one is "Spring is Sprung" and is by June.


This little gem is one we showed recently and is by Kerry. It's called "Kerry's Rose Garden".


Next come "Challenge in Blue" by Gil


This next one is "Lightning Strikes" by Ros.


And finally the workshop quilt produced during a Grace workshop recently.


Quite a collection which I'm sure Macquarie Hospital will be delighted with. Thanks girls for all the community work you do. It's much appreciated.

That's all we have this week. 
See you Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

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