Sunday 27 March 2016


We were quite a small group this week, probably because a few were away for Easter long weekends. 

As is becoming common in this show year, much work is being done on preparations. Narelle and her team are working on bright new table-toppers for the coffee shop area. They're looking great!


Show quilts and baby show quilts are in full production. Lindy is beginning to do a general count, and next week is the closing date for entries. 
Baby show quilts are due back on Thursday the 5th May for a challenge viewing and members voting. These will then be kept safe until show time.

Grace is planning another in-house workshop using  thirteen 2 & 1/2" strips, preferably cut the width of the fabric. These can then be stitched together, and then the long sides stitched together forming a tube. From these tubes we will make quick baby quilts to add to the stock for The Grace Centre. If you weren't at group last week, wait until you can chat to Grace for further explanation. You can prepare the strips ahead of time if you like. Please feel free to use the cutter for easy preparation of your strips.

Gil brought along a friend, Libby. She has visited us before, and this time she showed us something she and Gil have been working on during Libby's stay. The dress is designed to be 'one size fits all' and it certainly looks that way. Very stylish, and we loved the fabrics. 




Just two items to show this week. The first is a very sweet baby quilt from Val. Lovely fabric and again on the back. Thanks Val.



And also the result of the previous Grace workshop, which also used the cutter. It was an easy one, and fun to put together. Good result. Thanks once again Grace!


Looking forward to seeing everyone back next Thursday. Don't forget those quilt entries!
Enjoy the rest of the East break.
Cheers, Elva

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