Sunday 13 March 2016


Yes, thank goodness for our air-conditioned Fairland Hall! 

Across the road, we held another productive Show meeting with Meg ably leading the team! All is on-track, with publicity material decided and ready to be published very soon. Keep the Show Quilt entry forms coming in please (due 31st March) so that Lindy is able to begin planning layout and lighting issues. The blurb about your quilt can be emailed directly to Penny who will be organising the signs to go on each quilt. 

Work on the Baby Quilts Challenge for the Show is happening all around the ogroup. These need to be handed in on Thursday 5th May for a showing at the group, and then storing till Show time. We will also have a little members choice judging just for fun on May 5th! Make sure you just pin a small piece of cloth on the back with your name, and stitch on a HH Quilters label, bottom left of back. Robyn S has these.

Congratulations yet again to Jess! Her 'Errant Geese' quilt has been requested for entry in a temporary exhibition called 'Australia Uncovered' in the Rocky Mountains Quilt Museum in Colorado USA! What an honour Jess! You've done it again!

A reminder to ring the Releaf Resort asap to book your room for the retreat. Rooms are filling up fast! Can't wait.

Grace reports that fees are coming in well. Just remember if you haven't done it yet to contact Grace.

We have two new library books which were shown to the group by Jenny. A few old ones will be culled and shown before departing. Please remember our library is there. Plenty of fascinating reading and ideas!

The Grace Centre has let us know that they are desperate for more baby quilts. They tell us they could easily use 600 a year! So if you've finished your Show one, maybe it's time to run up a classic 'quicky' so we can build the pile back up. I think we're down to our last 9! Thanks so much.


Just a few small things this week. Everyone is so busy at present.
Helen showed a lovely quilt she has made for a raffle, and many members supported the cause buying tickets. Helen and Susie thank you so much.


And here's a picture of Susie 'doing it' for the good cause of the Leukemia Foundation. The outstanding results of the 'World's Greatest Shave'! Looking great Susie!


Gil took up the challenge set from the original Christmas Challenge - the inevitable left over pieces! 
There certainly were plenty for another quilt as Iris had said. I'm not sure how much more Gil needed to add, but I think it was just borders. Well done Gil!


And finally a small beauty completed by Grace. It's the result of the first workshop in a series with Bob James, and sounds fascinating and 'deep'. Gorgeous colours Grace, and a lovely design.


Well, I'll see you next Thursday girls. Take care. Cheers, Elva

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