Sunday 20 March 2016

RAIN AT LAST! 17/3/16

How wonderful to arrive at the hall in the rain! Never thought I'd be saying that, but the inconvenience of getting all the quilting stuff in and keeping it dry was ok with me! 

We were a small but dedicated group. Most people are starting to get really serious about completing their show quilts. The baby ones are due in on the 5th May, but we have until August to finish the large show quilts. Some very organised people have already completed theirs. Can't say I'm one of them.

Plans for the show are developing week by week, and the excitement is growing. The new little special features will add a fresh sparkle to this event as always seems to happen. Nice that we can keep it fresh and exciting.

It was a wonderful send off for Ailsa last Monday. She would have loved it, and I know she would have appreciated all her friends gathering to farewell her with such love and affection. Her family were very moved by the attendance as well.

Thank you to those who rose to the call for more baby quilts. These were presented today from Grace (using Vi's fabrics), and then Lindy. Both very cute indeed.


Beryl presented this gorgeous quilt which was made by herself and her daughter. It's for Beryl's great grandson. Outstanding work! Interest for the eye wherever you look! Lucky boy.....


And finally Jenny showed this quilt made by her for community. It's made using many 2" squares (hint hint - Go Cutter!) and is called "Glow". Very nicely done Jenny.


And so another week goes by. Enjoy this lovely cool weather all, and see you one more time before Easter. 
Cheers, Elva

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