Sunday 23 August 2015

Redleaf Resort - Blackheath 21-23rd August 2015

A happy group of 19 Wanderers made their way to Blackheath this weekend, and enjoyed many hours of stitching, quilting, cutting, designing etc etc.

Without the usual interruptions of home duties and chores, we were able to stay at what we love as long as we wished. Absolutely spoiled with afternoon and morning teas delivered to our quilting room annex and delicious breakfasts and dinners prepared for us, there was no need to think about anything but the craft. To top it all off, we were surrounded by friends and fellow crafters to share ideas, hints, advice and congratulations. 

Much incidental chatting about family, experiences, travel and anything else you could name, made for hours of warm companionship. Some fun games, a little Tai Chi to loosen tired and stiff limbs, trips out to favourite places in the mountains and pre-dinner drinks relaxing around a roaring fire topped off an outstanding weekend away.

Thank you to all the participants for your contribution to the retreat, and particular thanks to Deb L for arranging and managing the entire event so well. You did a splendid job!

Below are some shots taken during the three days. If you haven't ever done a retreat, or haven't done one for a while, you might give some thought to joining us next year. Enjoy the shots, and thanks once again ladies for your friendship and companionship.

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