Saturday 22 August 2015

20th August - Retreat tomorrow!

It was quite a small group today, maybe because people were getting ready for the weekend away, or maybe they decided they would be working quilts and chatting to quilting friends all weekend, so they'd give it a rest today! 

Nevertheless we were a happy group, with some fabulous work just on the cusp of completion. With all that and the retreat weekend, the next blog should be chock-full of colour!

Jenny collected a few completed donations towards the Lord Mayor's Picnic Quilt, and I know many have plans to do theirs over the weekend.

Suzie collected donations of buttons for her stage sales project. Only another 20 or so needed. Thanks to all.

A very small Show 'n Tell today. As promised, below is a shot of the quilt made from the Figtree Playgroup kids craft day. They are very proud of it, choosing to hang it in amongst the HHQuilters products! Cute!


Maree K showed a counter-change design she has done. Very nice. What a prolific quilter!


Next blog will be from the Retreat! See you then........

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