Sunday 9 August 2015


Farewell to Janet!
All the girls present last Thursday wished Janet good luck with her move, and a request for visits whenever she finds herself in Sydney. Janet cut into her cake (kindly organised by Grace) and thanked all for the support of the group. We all sipped some champagne to cheer her on her way, and much emotion was felt. Best wishes from us all Janet. Keep in touch, and happy times ahead with your family.



Deb talked about the retreat which will be in just two weeks from now. We're all looking forward to a stretch of time where there are few distractions from our projects. Deb mentioned to bring a fat quarter wrapped for a lucky dip. This will be used in a new fat quarter game to be played this year. Apart from that, just get yourself there ASAP on Friday, and work can start in the main room even if it's before booking-in time. Can't wait!

As it was Community Day last Thursday, there was lots of community project work going on. As well, there were lots of community quilts on show for SHOW AND TELL:

For the Motor Neurone Disease Walk-a-thon raffle, the first is by Jenny 


and the next by Henny and Iris


Orange Group made the next quilt for the community collection from fabric donated by The Macquarie Hospital. It was designed by Grace


Another Orange Group quilt made from Akiko's mum's donated silk fabric. Fabulous!


Grace made the following baby quilt after the counter-change workshop last week.


Gil put together another counter-change inspired quilt, this time from wool for the Wagga collection.


Robyn S made this lovely quilt for her sister from fabric she had and some her sister had. A nice collaboration!


And finally, Janet showed a quilt she's been working on for quite a while, fittingly ready for her final day with us. It is for her great-grand daughter and is covered in appliqué flowers. Gorgeous!


So another day passed, and Spring comes steadily closer. I think we're all ready for that!
Cheers till next time.

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