Sunday 16 August 2015

13th August - one week to Retreat!

Hi all. A well attended group last Thursday, and lots of gorgeous quilts being worked on. I'm sure soon after the retreat there will be one amazing Show and Tell session!

Hunters Hill Council have again invited our group to apply for a Community Grant, so we plan to go ahead with that. Can't hurt to try.

The Figtree Playgroup Quilt is finished and has been delivered to them. The children who participated were eager and delighted to see their little participatory bits come to life in the finished quilt. Lovely to see. A photo will follow in the coming weeks.

Gil and Doreen are seeking 'Wagga Makers' who will volunteer to work on pieces for the next show. I'm sure groups as well as individuals would be most welcome. Just see either of the ladies when next you're at quilting. 

Robyn J is looking for more volunteers to take a turn quilting the Traditional Raffle Quilt for the show. I've taken it for now and will take it to the retreat next weekend so a few of us can take turns. After that we will be ready to hand it over to the next people. 

Iris has handed out the background fabrics for the Lord Mayor's Picnic Quilt design. The theme is 'Zoophoria' so anything one might see at the zoo and surrounds would be appropriate. As many bright and cheery colours as possible  please, and work on ground level, mid level and sky level. See Iris for more advice on how to proceed. Thanks Iris!

Looking forward to seeing those who are going at the Retreat next weekend. Don't forget to bring a fat quarter wrapped for a lucky dip game. Hope for beautiful weather!

Grace is away for a few weeks, so if you need any treasurer help, please see me and I'll do my best!


First up on Thursday was Sally with a quilt she has made for her mum's 85th birthday. It's taken a while, and Sally was most grateful for the assistance of friends in the group in getting it finished. Good to have friends! The finished product is delightful. I'm sure she will appreciate and love it Sally!


Next some baby quilts for the Grace Centre collection. The first ones are quilts done by a former group member, Pam. Lovely bright and cheerful prints!




Next comes a nice little blue and white one by Jess and daughter Maddie. Well done!


And finally a very sweet one by Maree G. Lovely as always.


I know the Grace Centre are always so thrilled to receive more quilts, and are constantly delighted by the creativity of the designs and the skill of the work. Well done and thanks to all those who participate in this endeavour. It's a great cause to support. 

That's it for this week. See you all next Thursday I hope, and thereafter at Blackheath! Hope the snow doesn't come back for our weekend up there. Tai Chi in the snow? I think not!

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