Monday 11 August 2014

The final day for 2014 HHQ Quilt Show

I suspect that this post will be a long one:  the final day had so much to celebrate.   First - all our winners:

Viewer's choice

Friday's Viewers' choice was Grace for her quilt - Molecules Adrift

Saturday's Viewers' choice was Marie G.: I promised a picture - here it is.  As always, the quilting is amazing.

Fly Away Butterflies

Sunday's Viewers' Choice was Margaret D.  

Henri's Harem had no Shutters

Margaret also won the Members' Choice

And the overall Viewers' Choice :   the 'big votes' went to Grace:

Modecules Adrift 

The Full Deck of Playing Cards attracted lots of votes:   

The winning 'card' was Heather's Queen of Spades - a three dimensional 'queen'.   Sorry - I was too late for a picture:  the deck was shuffled and packed away.

The Raffle Quilt draw ...

Barrel Girl Val with our vibrant President, Elva

and the winners are:

Julia Birmingham from Berry and Louise Binney from Lindfield.    Julia choose Bush Bouquet and Louise has won Metropolis.    The quilts are on the way to our winners.   Congratulations to both.

The 'Business' end of a quilt show is always of interest - the more business, the more we can support our favorite charity, Giant Steps,   so a 'red dot' is exciting.

I understand that Robyn's Award winning, hand pieced and hand quilted quilt is now on its way to new owners in the Northern Territory

It has been said many times over the last few days - our quilt show is successful because of all our enthusiastic members  who work hard during the preparation and planning stages as well as over the three days of our show.   My camera found some of them.   

The 'Wagga' Girls

'On Stage' Girls 

Robyn J - where were you ?

The 'Queens of the Kitchen'

Notice how the 'Head' Queen tried to hide

Our 'in house' shop  -  Material Obsession

And our other  'in house' treasures:  Jenny Burton's Antique Quilts

There is no more to say  ...  an excellent show, a successful show and now we wait for another two years before another one !   Three cheers to our (almost) unflappable, organised and wonderful show coordinator - Jenny.

See everyone on Thursday for lots of stories   ....   Cheers Iris

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