Friday 8 August 2014

Opening Celebrations

Thursday night and we were all ready to welcome our visitors:

Audrey and Ros waiting at the door

Barmen 'supremo' ...

An atmosphere of fun filled the Hunters Hill Town Hall...



Then the announcement we were all waiting for  ...

A well deserved and surprised Carolyn receives the Alysoun Ryves Best of Show award

The Best of Show:  Cranes by Carolyn Davis

When announcing the winner, our judge, Professor Mary O'Kane  spoke of the strong Japanese ascetics with nature and patterning - the fans and shapes.  It's like looking though a window.

Other prize winners   ....

The Hangers Prize:   Helen Kahwati

The Judge's Choice awards went to:
Robyn Johnson
Robyn James
Lindy Messenger
Jess Wheelahan
Iris Grayson
June Pryor
Suzie Lord
Sheila Smith
Deborah Laurie

We congratulate all our winners !

My final say  .....     it was very much a Royal Flush evening !  (Sorry,  couldn't resist that)

Looking forward to seeing lots of visitors all weekend:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 8th to 10th August: 10am to 4.30pm.

Highlights from today will be posted tonight   ...   Enjoy  !    Iris

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