Thursday 28 August 2014

A full and varied day

Hi again.
Another very busy and full day today. 
We started quietly enough, but before long the action began. Susan and Helena set up the design wall to introduce the layout for The Lord Mayor's Picnic Quilt for this year. It wasn't long before girls were headed to the wall to select a section to work on. Still plenty of pieces left for those not at group. The theme this year is 'Inspire' and the quilt is based on a sea theme. Start thinking of creatures, flora, sunken things, replicas, idealised, know the drill! All that variation our group is renowned for when doing group projects. Susan will explain in detail next week if you missed it. The deadline for blocks done and returned has been set as the 9 th October. 

Next our visitors arrived. Jan and Caroline from The Grace Centre came to receive 42 baby quilts which have been completed this year. They both spoke about the work of the centre, the babies and families they work with and the accompanying research projects which are supporting that work. Most inspiring to hear. They were delighted with the quilts and couldn't wait to spread them out and examine them closer.

After the presentation they enjoyed moving around, chatting to people and admiring the work that was going on in the room. They enjoyed some refreshments and also brought us a beautiful cake as a gift. Not that we needed more food. The table was groaning as usual. However, much appreciated!

Thanks to Lindy, we had a full box of avocados and bananas to help ourselves to. What a productive garden she must have! I think most of us took some home.

Meg was welcomed back from up north. Had a great time by all reports. 

Before we knew it, it was time for the midday news. I have set up a notice board which can be brought out and placed in easy view as members move around the room. I think it might make keeping up to date with shows, news items etc much easier than having to go to the cupboard. We'll give it a try anyway. 

Strangely only one quilt for Show & Tell this week. It was done by Lindy and she is donating it to the community collection. Many thanks Lindy.

Finally everyone was able to settle down to simply stitching, chatting, drinking a cuppa and enjoying all the pleasures of just being with friends. 
Don't forget that our birthday party is coming up on Thursday, 11th September. Bring your own glass so you can enjoy a little tipple and toast another year in our history. 
Have a restful weekend and enjoy any sunshine that manages to break through. 
I'll leave you with a few shots taken around the room during the afternoon.
Cheers and see you next week.

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