Friday 15 August 2014

Sewing day at Fairland Hall

After a weekend of show activity,  it was good to be able to relax, chat and just sew. 

Elva welcomed a visitor,  Hayley.   Hayley is new to the area and possibly a new member.  As always, new members have an opportunity to 'try us out'  before joining us on a regular bases. 

The August birthday girls were recognised, Audrey, June and Betty next week:  happy birthday all.

Jenny gave an excellent report on the show - thanking everyone for their contribution towards making it another successful show,  and congratulating all the winners.    Jenny's full report will be published in Ailsa's final newsletter in a couple of weeks.        Jenny received a huge applause from everyone for her superior coordination and leadership.

Next week,  the ladies from the Grace Centre for Newborns will be visiting us to collect the latest 'pile' of baby quilts:   

There are 39 in this 'pile' ready for them to collect

Show and Tell:

Helen shared the new pattern that she had bought: The Rajah Quilt Revisited by Lessa Siegele.  It is supported by a book called Patchwork Prisoners which tells of the story of the Rajah Quiltmakers.  Helen suggested that it would be a good addition to our library.

And still on old quilts:  this treasure is a donation.  It is probably dated around the 30s and does need some restoration.

Susan H.,  showed this quilt which is going to the Inala School for their fund raising event.

Forrest Floor made by Robyn S. and her 'team'

Jenny and June made these two cot quilts: 

Blue by June and pink by Jenny

Narelle showed us her quilt  ...
Colourful and Fun

And Elva was delighted to show her granddaughter's finished quilt - made to a  strict criteria !

Fairies and 'Puffy'

Happy sewing,  Iris

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