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Hunters Hill Quilters meet every Thursday at Fairland Hall in Hunters Hill for 4 hours of stitching from 10.30am.

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday - Day 1

A great first day for our 2014 show.    It was so good to see so many visitors - lots of old friends getting together to enjoy the quilts.  Some agreeing and some disagreeing with the judges choices, but many having difficulty deciding on their 'viewers' choice.    

A 'viewers' choice will be announced for each day - but I wasn't able to get to that secret information at close of this first day.    Hopefully I can make that announcement tomorrow with a picture.   The 'voting counters' are very secretive.

The 'wagga'  room was a hive of activity today:    I took my camera: 

Entrance ...

the waggas on display:  all  for sale, supporting Giant Steps  ...

and  the DIY kits to make your own wagga were selling like hot cakes  ...

Looking forward to chatting to more visitors tomorrow: still time to visit:

Saturday and Sunday:  10am to 4,30pm:    See you there.     Cheers Iris


  1. Loving the show updates, Iris. Keep them coming,

  2. Thank you Alison, I'm having fun ! Cheers Iris