Thursday 13 July 2023

13th July

 Hi Everyone,

Firstly I must apologise for not wishing the ladies who celebrate their birthdays in July in last week’s blog, so Happy Birthday and wishing you many more 🎂. 

Today we had a visit from Krystiana from RizeUp Australia who spoke to us about the work they do in the community. It is hard to fathom that Domestic Violence is so prevalent across Australia and we still class ourselves as the “lucky country”. In NSW alone RizeUp fit out 4 homes a week as they are referred by DV Agencies. Their aim is to provide a safe and comfortable home for those fleeing from domestic violence so the families can start a new and safe life. We were able to donate 12 baby quilts and a cot quilt newly completed by Sheila to Krystiana as she was buying a cot after leaving us today for a new placement. All homes are fitted out with new furniture, a rug and bed linen plus basic kitchen items, a craft or toy package for the new occupants. A Q&A was held after the talk and we found it very helpful and informative.

Cot quilt completed by Sheila donated to RizeUp

Show & Tell
9 Baby quilts completed by Alison and her Friend
10 Baby quilts completed by Carolyn 
Christie’s Butterfly Baby quilt 
Robyn J made made this quilt for Ronald McDonald House in Orange

Today we continued working on our Raffle quilts and we are making great progress. I can’t wait to see how our second quilt comes together on the design wall at our next Community Day.

2024 Quilt Show - Update
🧵The members were asked if they would like to vote for the charity for our 2024 show today? After a resounding yes a proposal was raised to the members present that RizeUp Australia be nominated as our charity for the 2024 show. The vote was unanimous and RizeUp Australia will be the charity to receive money raised from the 2024 Quilt Show.
🧵Quilt show volunteers needed.

24th August Show Committee Meeting at 1pm

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 6 July 2023

Community Day

 Hi Everyone,

Community Day today saw the start of our second raffle quilt and the continuation of our first. Once again our members eagerly volunteered their sewing skills as “birds” formed and came to life on the fabric. Our group is fortunate to have such talented members and especially Grace @gracewidders who has designed our second raffle quilt and Kathy @matobsgirl who has designed and assisted us with our first raffle quilt and has also helped with fabric selection. These two ladies have worked tirelessly behind the scenes making sure all the supplies and fabrics are available for us to make our raffle quilts. Thanks ladies.

Save the date
2024 Hunters Hill Quilt Show 
The Hunters Hill Town Hall has been booked Thursday 1st August is setup day 
with the show running from 2 - 4 August 2024

Quilt Show Volunteers
We need more volunteers to assist on various sub committees and responsibilities for our show. To have a successful show that runs smoothly we need your help, so please sign up - you can ask Alison or Sandy where your talents are required.

Show & Tell
Grace made this Bento Box quilt
Cot quilt made by Jane
Quilt made by Grace for Bear Cottage
13th July Krystiana from RizeUp Australia coming to speak 11am
24th August Show Committee Meeting 1pm

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 29 June 2023

29th June

Hi Everyone,
A glorious day to enjoy stitching in a sun filled hall and celebrating a special birthday for our dear member Gill. Thank you Gill for the lovely speech you made about how you cherish the friendships you have made at quilting over the years.

If you haven’t been yet I can recommend the Craft & Quilt Fair at Homebush, it finishes on Sunday. The quilts were amazing and plenty of stalls to tempt you into spending money. Don’t forget to say “hi” to Kathy and Helena at the Material Obsession stall. Two of our members were finalists this year and have their quilting hanging at the show. Congratulations to Grace and Kathy.
Quilt by Grace
Quilt by Kathy

Our members are a busy group, and I would like to mention Jane who delivered the quilts to Bear Cottage and to Heather for delivering 9 large quilts donated by Kathy to Blue & Yellow Hearts on Monday. The quilts were well received by the organisations and put to go use.
Quilts delivered to Blue & Yellow Hearts
Show & Tell
We had a visit from Hayley today who has made a bright and colourful bag from jelly roll strips and has enough left over to make another bag, an excellent present for a friend.
Baby quilt made by June
Baby quilt made by Ros
🧵Next week 6th July Community Day - Raffle Quilt and speaker coming from RizeUp Australia.

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 22 June 2023

22nd June

 Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold weather today to attend quilting. It was fabulous to see people return their appliqué homework they took last week for our Raffle quilt.

Jane has had a busy week with Little Wonder RPA requesting 40 baby quilts and Bear Cottage at Manly happy to receive quilts. We have organised the 40 baby quilts and 4 cot quilts and 4 single bed size quilts to be delivered next week.

Bear Cottage would also like quilts for boys/ teenagers if you have some spare time.

World Prematurity Day November 17 is our next batch of 40 baby quilts for Little Wonder RPA. If you are looking for a quicker project to do the baby quilt should have a hint of purple in the fabric. We have approximately 20 quilts made and set aside.

In 2 weeks we are having a visit from Krystiana from RizeUp Australia who is coming to speak to us about how they help victims of domestic violence in the Sydney area. We are considering this charity to donate money raised from our Quilt Show in 2024.

Show & Tell

Baby quilt made by Beryl R

Carolyn completed 10 Baby quilts


     28 June - 1 July The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park

🧵 6 July visit from Krystiana, RizeUp Australia  
🧵 24 August Show Committee Meeting -1pm

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 15 June 2023

15th June

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to everyone who joined us today and it was lovely to catch up with some of our fellow quilters who we haven’t seen for a while.

Appliqué was the task for today and under the watchful eye of Kathy our Raffle Quilt continues to develop. Grace organised willing volunteers and seemed to spend most of her day on her hands and knees placing finished pieces together for the next stage of sewing. I am totally amazed how quickly our quilt is coming together. My gratitude to Kathy and Grace for your enthusiasm and to our members who are enjoying the challenge.

Waggas anyone? Calling all interested members who would like to take the opportunity to make a Wagga for the show. I guarantee it will keep you warm whilst you are sewing - a great winter ❄ project 🌨. See Grace if you are interested.

🧵 Next week Show Committee Meeting 1:30pm.
🧵 Retreat Weekend is on so if you wish to join us you can still add your name to the list.

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 8 June 2023

8th June

 Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Grace for her motivation and encouragement as we continue to develop our Raffle Quilt today. It is really coming together and stimulates conversations among our members as they cut, stitch and add completed work to the design wall.

Mission Australia were delighted with the baby quilts we donated last week. Many thanks to Jane for organising the delivery.
RizeUp posted on their Instagram page a picture showing one of our quilts we donated draped on the sofa of a newly completed residence. It certainly made the room look homely and welcoming.

Show & Tell
Cot Quilt completed by Judy G

Baby Quilt completed by Dawn

Baby Quilts completed by Sue D

10 Baby Quilts completed by Carolyn

🧵 Next week we will be continuing with appliquéing and feel free to continue with your own projects.
🚙  Retreat in October, we need to finalise numbers for our booking so add your name to the list if you wish to attend.

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

Thursday 1 June 2023

1st June

Hi Everyone,

Our Community Day saw the start of our raffle quilt with cutting boards, rotary cutters and irons ready to start after our designer and coordinator Kathy gave us the rundown and plan for the day. We set up 5 work stations piecing triangles into squares, wedge rulers were used to create 7” circles, making straight fabric bend for branches and cutting leaves, flowers for appliqué work.

Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly, we achieved a great deal today and look forward to continuing it all again next week.

The Raffle Quilt begins

🎈Happy Birthday to our members who celebrate their birthday in June 🎂

✂ Next we will continue working on the Raffle Quilt.
✂ If you wish to attend the Retreat Weekend in October please place your name on the list.

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy.