Thursday 6 July 2023

Community Day

 Hi Everyone,

Community Day today saw the start of our second raffle quilt and the continuation of our first. Once again our members eagerly volunteered their sewing skills as “birds” formed and came to life on the fabric. Our group is fortunate to have such talented members and especially Grace @gracewidders who has designed our second raffle quilt and Kathy @matobsgirl who has designed and assisted us with our first raffle quilt and has also helped with fabric selection. These two ladies have worked tirelessly behind the scenes making sure all the supplies and fabrics are available for us to make our raffle quilts. Thanks ladies.

Save the date
2024 Hunters Hill Quilt Show 
The Hunters Hill Town Hall has been booked Thursday 1st August is setup day 
with the show running from 2 - 4 August 2024

Quilt Show Volunteers
We need more volunteers to assist on various sub committees and responsibilities for our show. To have a successful show that runs smoothly we need your help, so please sign up - you can ask Alison or Sandy where your talents are required.

Show & Tell
Grace made this Bento Box quilt
Cot quilt made by Jane
Quilt made by Grace for Bear Cottage
13th July Krystiana from RizeUp Australia coming to speak 11am
24th August Show Committee Meeting 1pm

Until next week.
Happy quilting, Sandy

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