Sunday 18 September 2016


It was a quiet day with lots of girls away on various journeys or other family commitments.
Nevertheless, plenty of quilting work continued as always. 

Jenny presented the new book acquisition for our extensive library. It's called "Mixing Quilt Elements -  Modern Look at Colour, Style & Design" by Kathy Doherty. Have a look at it when you can. Some great ideas.

Iris and Robyn J presented a possible new community project for the group to work on, which involves making of items for use by dementia patients. Sounds very interesting and worthwhile. Stay tuned for more details. 

I'm sending out a group email tomorrow asking for all those who have hall keys to bring them in. We need to check all keys and get rid of obsolete ones. Thanks.


Quite a few bits and pieces to show this week.
This first one was presented by Felicity. It's been quite a long time since we've seen her, but clearly she's been busy stitching as always! Thank you Felicity. The Grace Centre will be delighted at the start of the next pile.


I managed to get a quick snap of this gorgeous pink from Jess, who was doing one of her flying visits. Before she left she showed me this. It's going to be stunning, and may end up in Quiltmania magazine!
We'll keep an eye out.....


Sheila showed us this next one which she's made for a friend's grandson I think. It's very nice and has cute backing fabric as well. Thanks Sheila.



Gil declared that she has promised herself never to do another fox quilt! But she was persuaded to do just this one more for a friend's baby. Cute and quirky as ever! 


Iris showed us a batch of community quilts destined for the Macquarie Hospital.
This first one is by Pam Reeves and is called "Sydney Dry"


This next one is "Spring is Sprung" and is by June.


This little gem is one we showed recently and is by Kerry. It's called "Kerry's Rose Garden".


Next come "Challenge in Blue" by Gil


This next one is "Lightning Strikes" by Ros.


And finally the workshop quilt produced during a Grace workshop recently.


Quite a collection which I'm sure Macquarie Hospital will be delighted with. Thanks girls for all the community work you do. It's much appreciated.

That's all we have this week. 
See you Thursday.
Cheers, Elva

Sunday 11 September 2016


What a day! We had lots of members, champagne, special visitors and CAKE!
Yes, it was our birthday, and we celebrated well.

This year's show judges, Karen and Carolyn from the Grace Centre brought us a gorgeous cake surrounded by little baby cakes! The cake itself had a quilting theme (very cute) and it was all made by Karen's niece. What a lovely surprise!


Around the cake you can see part of the pile of 61 baby quilts which we handed over to the girls. 31 of these were our display baby quilts from the show, and the others are ones which have continued to come in from members. Thanks everyone, the Grace Centre is so delighted!


Here's Karen and Carolyn thanking HHQ.


We were visitored also by Dr Elizabeth Scott, who accepted our cheque from the show. Her research into better treatments for youth mental health was the focus of our fundraising efforts this year. Elizabeth spoke briefly about what they do and expressed her delight at our gift in supporting their work. Genie, who spoke for Elizabeth on opening night, was also present and quite overcome by the generosity of the gift. As well as the cheque, Meg presented  the Silk Fans quilt which will be hung in the foyer of their workplace. Below are a few shots which give you a sense of the occasion.






.....and the inevitable 'group shot' minus the photographers of course.
A fantastic roll-up and a wonderfully happy event.


After our guests had departed, we had a brief meeting to update news of next year's retreat, and to set dates for it and the Christmas break.
The dates are as follows:
Christmas Party - 8th December
Quilters resumes - 12th January 2017

Retreat dates - 15th - 17th September 2017
Redleaf Resort Blackheath
Single rooms - $199.50 per night (includes breakfast and dinner)
Twin rooms - $ 290.00 per night ( includes breakfast and dinner)
These rates haven't changed from this year.

We congratulated three new Life Members this week - Robyn S, Cheryl and Doreen. Only Robyn received her badge on the day as Doreen and Cheryl were not there, but their badges will be passed on to them.
Congratulations girls on 25 continuous years of membership of HHQ! Quite an achievement!


Yes, we even had time for some show and tell!

This gorgeous quilt is by Helen for her little 3 year old grandson Michael, who is about to move to his first 'big boy' bed! A very exciting time for him and a very devoted grandma to make it extra special for him! Well done Helen, and we love the back as well.



Carolyn D showed her version of the hexi quilt we all seem to be doing. Just as well we have all had a different take on it. They are all so varied! This one Carolyn tells me was done with just a basic hexi template which she drew lines on to vary each hexi. The fabric variety speaks for itself I think. It will be a stunner when finished


Finally Iris showed this finished quilt which has been worked on by many members. It will be a community quilt, and was one of the 'stitching lounge' efforts during the show. It has now been quilted and bound beautifully by Iris. 


Susan H showed us a beautifully made Wagga cushion, one of two, which she made as a commission for a gentleman who had bought one of our waggas at the last show in think. He wanted some cushions to match it, and Susan has obliged! Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the cushion, but it was very nicely done. Thanks Susan, and a little extra income from the show as well. Excellent!

Well, it was a big day, and a wonderful celebration for our birthday. 
See you next week all. Enjoy the gorgeous weather!
Cheers, Elva

Saturday 3 September 2016


Yes, we enjoyed lovely warm and sunny weather for our first Spring gathering at the hall for 2016.
A short exec meeting was held to plan next week's birthday party and activities for the rest of the year. 
Don't forget to bring your champagne glasses for a little celebratory drink at the party.
Our judges from this year's show have offered to bring the cake! Wow!
Iris set out some ideas for starting the Lord Mayors Picnic Quilt. A few ladies have already volunteered to do some of the appliqué characters, and something we can all have a go at - six 2 and a half inch squares of bright fabrics stitched together in a row. 
Also at the birthday party, we will be officially handing over the cheque and a quilt  to The Brain and Mind Centre via Dr Elizabeth Scott, and handing over all the show baby quilts plus another bundle to Karen and Carolyn from the Grace Centre. It's going to be a BIG day!

Lindy is working at finalising the dates for next year's retreat at Redleaf. We will let you know as soon as the dates are locked in.

Most of you probably know by now the name Rachel Daisy. Rachel was the Best In Show Quilter at this year's Guild Show. Her work is remarkable indeed. We have been delighted to discover that Rachel has devoted an entire blog section to our recent show. She was a visitor, and was most impressed with what she saw. I recommend a viewing of the blog, which can be googled at


First cab off the rank this week was Kerry, who showed a baby quilt she has made for a friend's baby.
Very sweet, and with the feature fabric used on the back as well. Gorgeous.



Next Maree G showed us her HUGE hexi quilt top. It is for her own bed, and she has used only stash and scraps for it. Amazing piece of work Maree, and beautiful!


Here's a close up of the work.........



Next Grace showed several quilts, some of which have been donated to us for community by Kathy D, and some of which were done by Carolyn D. All were done with Aboriginal style fabrics which were being showcased through the quilts at Material Obsession. Lucky us to receive some of them as gifts. We'll make good use of them, and thanks Kathy.
I'm not sure which ones are which, but the fabrics are really great.








The final quilt was this lovely one made by Helen K for her mum. It is made specially to be as light as possible, using lightest batting and not too much quilting. Mum wasn't keen to part with it as she's enjoying it so much, so we were lucky to be able to get a look at it. 


So, there you have it. Another lovely collection.
See you at the birthday party next week. Bring your glasses!
Cheers, Elva

Monday 29 August 2016

SHOW WRAP-UP! 25/8/16

Hi everyone!
We will soon come down to earth, but we needed a fairly lengthy feedback and wrap -up meeting this week to make sure we had gone through everything.
It was unanimously agreed that this show was an outstanding success, with lots of new ideas being tested out. All these things pass on to the planning of the next show, so that we continue to get better and better.
Congratulations to everyone who participated in any way. Every little bit helps in the big picture success. Well done!

Application has already been made for our 2018 show to use the Town Hall again, so the process just rolls on. Here we go again..........!

Don't forget that our birthday party will be held next week, 8th September. Bring your champagne glasses. There's lots to celebrate, and we will have some visitors I'm sure you'll all love to see!


In amongst all the excitement of the week, members still came forward with some great show and tell items.

These lovely baby quilts were made for the Grace Centre. The first is by Maree K....


and the following three by June P.




It was delightful to see a quilt top by one of our new members, Christie. Fine work, and a lovely range of fabrics and colours. We have another hexi lover among us. Hooray!


This counter change block quilt was shown by Iris. It is destined for our community collection.


Another showing from our new member Sue. However, this one was made by her sister some years ago. I believe it was from 1998, and was made to celebrate the marriage of their parents - 60 years anniversary! So much love and care has gone into the detail of this fantastic memory quilt, from family trees to copies of wedding certificates and guest lists! Amazing. Thank you for sharing this precious gem with us Sue.






And finally Sheila shared her latest gorgeous bag, which she wasn't happy with and re-worked as a result. I think you can be happy with it now Sheila! It's lovely.


Onwards and upwards everyone. 
See you next week!
Cheers, Elva

Monday 22 August 2016


Yes, all the hard work is behind us, and it was well worth the effort. We basked in the success of our show and enjoyed chatting about everything that had happened during the four days. 
Plans were already being discussed for next time, and as always we learn from what we've done and improve on it as well. 

Next week the committee will meet to do a detailed feedback and wrap-up of the show, and the hall will be re-booked for 2018!

Congratulations quilters on your beautiful work. So many visitors commented on the quality and variety of Hunters Hill Quilters skills, especially this year. 

We were delighted to welcome two new members this week. Christy and Janet joined us, and will officially join this week we hope. Welcome ladies. 

We don't miss a beat, and here are some SHOW AND TELL items to prove that we keep creating.

Jenny showed us a quilt top she has put together from a pack bought at the Material Obsession shop at the show. Quick work! It's a lovely new range which I notice a few girls are giving a try. Show us again when it's finished Jenny! It's looking great.


Beryl R showed this sweet baby quilt she has made for the Grace Centre. Very cute fabrics. Thanks Beryl. Thank you.


And Iris showed this quilt which has been called "Laurel's Rose Garden" because of fabric donated by Laurel. It will go into the community collection. 


Here is a shot 'pinched' from Facebook, of Joy standing beside one of her waggas. It was sold at the show, and the buyer was so impressed she posted this shot of Joy and the quilt. Very nice Joy, and a very happy customer!

Cheers everyone. See you soon again.

Tuesday 16 August 2016


Yes, we have been told by many visitors to the show that this was the best Hunters Hill Show ever, and that they come every year! What a wonderful accolade!

Others added that the Hunters Hill Show is, in their opinion, the best quilt show in Sydney.

This deserves hearty congratulations to the entire Show Committee, who have worked so hard.
All the added initiatives this year were a big hit. The stitching lounge became a strong magnet for both visitors and members alike. 

The Grandkids Corner drew compliments from visitors as a wonderful way to inspire young kids to become stitchers and quilters in the future. I know that the contributors to this display are eager to do so again in two years time - bigger and better!



A fresh look for the cafe made it even more welcoming than it has always been. Well done to the new team for taking this on.


Another fresh look for the stage sales drew many compliments and customers. Excellent work team!


Many people coming through the doors asked immediately whether we still had the Wagga display. These are so popular and looked forward to each year. Well done girls.


The display of baby quilts for the Grace Centre was a delight for all visitors. It created much interest in this on-going effort the group carries out.



Congratulations to the committee and all members who helped out in many different ways. It all came together beautifully and presents quite a challenge to match in two years time! 
And congratulations to all the prize winners. Well deserved after all your efforts.

See you all on Thursday. Enjoy this glorious weather - our reward for an excellent show!