Sunday 1 May 2016

Read quilting magazines for free


If you are a member of Auburn City, City of Canterbury, City of Canada Bay, Burwood, Strathfield, Lane Cove and Many other libraries, you can borrow and download magazines like Homespun and Quilters Companion.

This is the app to get if your library provides emagazines through Zinio.

1.. Locate Zinio on your library’s website.
2. Sign up with your library membership details through the library site.
3. Browse and choose magazines of interest. Each library will have a different collection.
4. Download the Zinio for Libraries app for iOS or Android and sign in with the password you created on your library site.
5. Refresh the library and the magazines you chose are ready to be downloaded to your device. Enjoy!

Sunday 24 April 2016


Well, being school holidays, it meant we had a few little visitors with us. They were very well behaved, and amused themselves wonderfully in the 'playhouse' corner. Well done girls! 
I must say that even though they all had tablets or iPads, they still managed to be very sociable and friendly towards each other. There's hope for this technology generation after all!


While that was going on, we quilters set about busily completing projects and starting new ones. 
Quite a few more baby quilts came in for the Grace Centre. Some were as a result of Grace's workshop technique, and some were simply from the creative minds of various members. Just look at the pile that was presented!


Well done everyone!

A reminder that this coming Thursday (28th April) will be a show meeting at 9.30am in the Baby Health hall. We hope to see as many Show committee members as possible, to update progress so far. Only three and a bit months to go! Getting exciting. 

Another reminder that the following week (5th May) will be the day to bring in your Show Baby Quilt. There will be a members' choice voting, and it will be an exciting chance to view all these challenge quilts together.  Don't forget to put your name on a small piece of fabric, pinned to the back of the quilt.

In the absence of Show and Tell items this week, other than the baby quilts, here is a shot of a Wagga emerging from the stage end of the room. Gorgeous fabrics and colour choices.


Can't wait to see this finished.
I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. See you Thursday......

Friday 15 April 2016

A regular Thursday day of sewing

Elva was nursing a sore throat this,  so Grace took care of 'news time' and Iris here on blog.

First the business ..

  • Grace goes off on holidays soon,  so Akiko will be our 'go to' person for money matters in her absence.
  • We had an in-house preview of our 2016 Show Flyers ready for a early June distribution
  • The Hunters Hill Quilt Show 2016 facebook page is up and running - if you haven't already done so, check it out, 'like' and 'share'.   The raffle quilts look stunning.  
  • If you are joining the Retreat, make sure you make your booking with Redleaf - or talk to Narelle.
Grace also mentioned the Classic and Wooden Boat Festival happening this weekend, knowing that it will be enjoyed by of our families.  

And now, the fun business ..  Show and Tell

As a result of the request from Robyn S.  for more cot quilts for the Grace Center for Newborn Care to be delivered just before Mothers Day,  and last week's workshop by Grace there was a lovely 'pile' of 9 cute little quilts to be admired.

From the workshop: 6 different quilts yet they all used the same technique.  I understand there are more to come.

From Joy

From Gil

From Jenny

From Grace 

And three more ...  
From a friend of Robyn S. - Susie

From June

From Gil

As always, a  very successful and enjoyable day.  

Have a great week and Elva, get well for next week.    Cheers Iris 

Saturday 9 April 2016

STOP PRESS! 9/4/16

Just a couple of shots which just came through. They show the products of the workshop! Well done girls!


Friday 8 April 2016


Perfect timing for community day, as we have had requests for more baby quilts. This coincided beautifully with another of Grace's excellent workshops, which was dedicated to turning 2 and 1/2 inch strips into tubes, which can then be cross-cut into squares, with a range of style organisations. The result is an instant 26 by 26 inch square needing only backing wadding quilting and binding. We had fun participating, and I'm sure at least 12 new small quilts will be ready for a cut-off day of 28th April. 
Robyn S has requested this date because we can then get a new bunch of little quilts to the Grace Centre in time for Mothers' Day. Perfect! This doesn't by any means prevent anyone from adding to the workshop ones, in fact keep them coming, please!

Thanks once again for all your organisation, skill sharing and guidance Grace. We all really appreciate it so much.

Grace hard at work.....

The girls beavering away.........

I'll try and remember to bring the old microphone next workshop to assist the presenter's vocal chords!

All our thoughts to Josie who had a fall this week. Not only did it cause a broken arm, but it ruined her travel plans! Commiserations Josie from all the girls. Hope it's on the mend soon.

A reminder that the 28th April will be the next Show Meeting at 9.30am at the Baby Health Centre. Now that Lindy has all entries on record, she can start the layout planning. This is important in terms of ordering the correct numbers of frames etc among other things. The layout will include the member quilts for judging, the baby quilt display, the raffle quilts, a little corner devoted to quilts designed and worked by young children (primary school age) and their grannies or parents, plus some waggas and community quilts as well. It's going to be another fantastic show, with a little bit of something new each time!


These three delightful baby quilts were presented today. The first two are by Robyn S, and the last one is by Susan H. Gorgeous fabrics and lovely designs. Thank you ladies for keeping up the flow. They need plenty more......!




Moina showed us a quilt she has been working on. She is particularly proud of the quilting in the smaller flower blocks, which is delightful. A lovely piece of work.

 See you next week everyone. Keep enjoying the cooler weather. Finally!

Sunday 3 April 2016


A very different feel around the hall this week. There were lots of members, and stacks of activity going on! Maybe it was because all quilt show entries were due in, and all fees were due, but the hall was crowded. 

The give-away/ sorting table was in full swing.....

as was the cutter. Hooray! At last the cutter is catching on.....


Grace put up on the design wall some examples of what's required in preparation for the in/house workshop next week. Thanks for all your efforts Grace, and such excellent preparation and guidance for us all. The cutter will come in handy for this project too! Remember to bring your 'tubes' next week so Grace can show us how to proceed from there. A reminder below if you can see enough detail.....




Should be able to get quite a few new baby quilts for the Grace Centre from the day's efforts.

Don't forget to sign up for the retreat by contacting Redleaf and booking your room. Narelle is keeping track of numbers.

Show rosters will be developed soon after the retreat when Narelle puts on her other hat! Fantastic work Narelle! What would we do without you? And the new table-toppers are looking great as well. Great team you have going......

Josie is searching for a lost book which she may have brought to quilters, and may have leant to someone. It's Kitty Pippin's 'Japanese Quilting'. If you have any idea where it might be, see Josie. She will be most relieved.

Jenny showed a new book in the library - "The Big Book of Baby Quilts". Plenty of great ideas for everyone. She has also prepared a folder listing all books in the library both by author and title I believe.

Beryl is collecting old towels for use in dogs homes. Good opportunity to get rid of your used towels if you're up-grading! 


Jenny S showed two cute baby quilts for the collection, one with dinosaurs and another with cheeky monkeys! Gorgeous fabrics....



Jess showed us a lovely Wagga she has made for the show. She says it took her a while to think what to do with the check wool. Turned out to be an excellent choice I'd say!


Jenny B came after a long absence, and showed us two quilt tops. One uses Freda Carlo fabric and the other uses a combination of Clark Gable and Betty Grable. As a result, she has named it "Gable meets Grable". Nice one.....



    Looking forward to the workshop on Thursday. Remember that it's Community Day, so if you have a community project you're working on, this would be a good time to bring it along. If you're looking for some community work to do, join in the workshop or see Iris for other ideas.
In any event we hope to see as many members as possible at the group.
Cheers till then, Elva.

Sunday 27 March 2016


We were quite a small group this week, probably because a few were away for Easter long weekends. 

As is becoming common in this show year, much work is being done on preparations. Narelle and her team are working on bright new table-toppers for the coffee shop area. They're looking great!


Show quilts and baby show quilts are in full production. Lindy is beginning to do a general count, and next week is the closing date for entries. 
Baby show quilts are due back on Thursday the 5th May for a challenge viewing and members voting. These will then be kept safe until show time.

Grace is planning another in-house workshop using  thirteen 2 & 1/2" strips, preferably cut the width of the fabric. These can then be stitched together, and then the long sides stitched together forming a tube. From these tubes we will make quick baby quilts to add to the stock for The Grace Centre. If you weren't at group last week, wait until you can chat to Grace for further explanation. You can prepare the strips ahead of time if you like. Please feel free to use the cutter for easy preparation of your strips.

Gil brought along a friend, Libby. She has visited us before, and this time she showed us something she and Gil have been working on during Libby's stay. The dress is designed to be 'one size fits all' and it certainly looks that way. Very stylish, and we loved the fabrics. 




Just two items to show this week. The first is a very sweet baby quilt from Val. Lovely fabric and again on the back. Thanks Val.



And also the result of the previous Grace workshop, which also used the cutter. It was an easy one, and fun to put together. Good result. Thanks once again Grace!


Looking forward to seeing everyone back next Thursday. Don't forget those quilt entries!
Enjoy the rest of the East break.
Cheers, Elva