Friday 15 April 2016

A regular Thursday day of sewing

Elva was nursing a sore throat this,  so Grace took care of 'news time' and Iris here on blog.

First the business ..

  • Grace goes off on holidays soon,  so Akiko will be our 'go to' person for money matters in her absence.
  • We had an in-house preview of our 2016 Show Flyers ready for a early June distribution
  • The Hunters Hill Quilt Show 2016 facebook page is up and running - if you haven't already done so, check it out, 'like' and 'share'.   The raffle quilts look stunning.  
  • If you are joining the Retreat, make sure you make your booking with Redleaf - or talk to Narelle.
Grace also mentioned the Classic and Wooden Boat Festival happening this weekend, knowing that it will be enjoyed by of our families.  

And now, the fun business ..  Show and Tell

As a result of the request from Robyn S.  for more cot quilts for the Grace Center for Newborn Care to be delivered just before Mothers Day,  and last week's workshop by Grace there was a lovely 'pile' of 9 cute little quilts to be admired.

From the workshop: 6 different quilts yet they all used the same technique.  I understand there are more to come.

From Joy

From Gil

From Jenny

From Grace 

And three more ...  
From a friend of Robyn S. - Susie

From June

From Gil

As always, a  very successful and enjoyable day.  

Have a great week and Elva, get well for next week.    Cheers Iris 

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