Monday 18 July 2022

July 14, 2022

 Hi Everyone,

I went to the Eastwood Quilt Show on Saturday. Their venue is huge! They are very lucky to have it. Many beautiful quilts on show and a large balcony area for the Cafe. There were four or so shops to buy quilting needs and fabric squares etc.

Friday was a very busy day for them. Their members had made sandwiches from 25 loaves of bread and they ran out! It was a lot quieter on the Saturday.

 A bundle of our flyers were on the entrance desk. We thank them for their help in advertising our show in August.

Bicentennial Quilt Display:

Council has told me that our Bicentennial Quilt is now hanging in the Museum and looks fantastic.

They intend to have the Museum open for our opening night so make sure you and your guests check it out. It will be displayed over the weekend depending on how many museum volunteers are available.

Selling Show tickets:

Don't forget that we have a prize for the most show tickets sold by a member. 

In the past Meg and Helena have been our best sellers.

Show and Tell:

Some of Carolyn's 10 baby quilts.

Three baby quilts from Sue D.

A pretty quilt from Sue D. for  her granddaughter in the UK who is moving into her 'big' bed.

Until next week ....

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