Friday 1 July 2022

A different day

Iris on blog again this week: should be back to normal with Judy next week.

Because the floors of our normal location in Fairland Hall were being worked on,  we were relocated to the Town Hall.  Although we missed having access to our storage cupboards,  it was an excellent opportunity to check out the spaces for the show set-up.  The renovations in the Town Hall are very impressive.

The small attendance looked even smaller in the large space.

There was no show and tell,  but I did find this work in progress by Ellen:  going green ? 

There was lots of chat and discussion about the show preparation, reinforcing the jobs in progress: 
Selling raffle tickets
Inviting friends for Opening night
Add your name to the rosters, including food for the Quilt cafe.
Spread the word:  distribute flyers

Change of subject:    Today, Friday, I went to the Quilt Show in the Dome at Sydney Olympic Park.    Some amazing quilts on display, but in case you haven't been or not going, one quilt has to be shared.

Grace's quilt

Fabulous Grace.

Until next week  ... keep sewing

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