Sunday 1 May 2022

A Visitor this week

 Hi Everyone,

Thank you Iris for filling in for me last week. 

Grace has sent a number of wall hangings, quilts and fidget mats to St George Aged Care. She received a very nice thank you note from them.. As a token of appreciation a $250 donation was enclosed. The quilts and other items will be put to great use in their memory support dementia unit and brighten up the lives of many for years to come.

Kathy organised a visit for us from Jessica Rudolf. When Jessica's children were little she was knitting a blanket when she suddenly thought to ask her friends to knit or sew blankets for the many children in foster care.

Her story is a wonderful example of  'from little things, big things grow'.  'My Very Own Blanket' group was formed. It is now all over the United States. Jessica is in Australia to spread her idea to us. In NSW there are 16,000 children in foster care. Many have nothing. To receive a blanket that they can keep for themselves is a wonderful comfort and help. Jessica's charity is non profit and dedicated to providing handmade blankets to children in foster care.

Sandy delivered our donation for the flood victims to True Blue Stitches in North Richmond.  The owner, Robyn,  is ' Healing the Hawkesbury  - one quilt at a time'. All donations go to Hawkesbury residents who were so badly affected during the floods. So many lost everything.

Show and Tell:

When Sandy, Carolyn and I cleaned out the end cupboard a couple of weeks ago we found numerous unfinished projects. The quilt below was folded up and a small amount of quilting had been started. I machine quilted the rest. I enjoyed finishing it.

Baby quilt from Sheila. Sheila used an orphan block in the centre from a class she had attended with Wendy Williams.

Baby quilt from Bev.

Wall hanging from Robyn Jnst.

Ten baby quilts from Caroyln which brings her count to well over 500.

Until next week ....

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